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Ava | English Bulldog | Las Vegas, NV | In-Training

Meet Ava! She is a one year old English Bulldog from Las Vegas, Nevada. She is returning to us for some additional training on some specific tasks! Stay tuned to watch her progress over the next two weeks!


Pupdate 07/10/2021

Miss Ava is all settled in for her couple days boarding with me! We worked on taking her food gently from me, getting used to the surroundings, and practicing her commands so that she will be in tip top shape transitioning to Joey. She is doing great in the kennel I have for her, she sprawls all the way out when she is napping. She is being hand fed to promote being gentle with me, since we are getting aquainted!


Pupdate 07/11/2021

Ava working on her food manners with me! She is sleeping great, eating gently, going on walks with her little booties, and having a great time exploring with me. She is all packed up and ready to head to Joey's house tomorrow!


Pupdate 07/12/21

Ava spent her first day back with me doing some review! She also had a bath and was not a fan of it but enjoyed the rubs afterward. We went for a walk around the neighborhood to work on our loose leash walking. She also worked on door manners. She finished the night working on place while we ate dinner. We reviewed sit down and place but then got to relax for a bit out of the crate before bed.


Pupdate 07/13/21

Ava went to an outdoor mall today. She worked on her duration sit while I ate with my dad. She also worked on her polite greetings with strangers who wanted to pet her. She worked with another trainer to work around new dogs and people. She relaxed by the couch at home and ended the night working on the place and crate manners.


Pupdate 07/14/21

Ava spent the day working on food manners with her slow feeder and working on dropping the leash out on our walks. She is taking her food gently when hand feeding and we are working on her waiting for her release command when putting her food in it's bowl. We also worked on her out command and being able to come off of her food while she's eating. She spent the evening relaxing on her bed while we ate dinner and watched Letters to Juliet.


Pupdate 07/15/21

Ava spent the day keeping cool at a pet store. She worked around other dogs, many of whom were not friendly. She worked on staying focused on me and not reacting herself. At first, she struggles when dogs would walk by and begin barking. She met some new dogs today and we also worked on her commands while other dogs walked by. At first, she was not a fan, however, slowly she came around and was very proud of herself. She spent the afternoon walking around the park to find more dogs but we didn't want to do too much walk due to her hips. So she spent the evening sprawled on the floor resting while we finished the first season of Loki.


Pupdate 7/16/21

Ava spent the day avoiding the heat outside. She worked on the treadmill and crate manners. She also worked on recall, specifically come to sit and come to heel. She working on generalizing door manners to different types of doors going in and out. Once it got cooler she went for a walk to meet and work with Elvis. She was a little nervous at first since he's a very big puppy but she trusted me and it was a nice walk in the neighborhood, at Ava's pace. She met one of my Uncles and got lots of pets. She was confused by his blue hair but she warmed up to him very fast.


Pupdate 07/17/2021

Ava spent the day working on the treadmill and recall. We spent the evening going to a new park and working around other dogs. She met Rosie, the Australian shepherd, and was not a fan but we were able to get her to come around to be able to walk near her. We choose a park with a lot of dogs around. Ava struggles with other dogs who are either too excited or reactive themselves. We were able to work on some of her other fears like bicycles and rollerblades. She had a big day working on the hard stuff.


Pupdate 07/18/21

Ava is going through a fear period. Today we worked on some of her fears like shadows, skateboarders, wooden brooms, baby fences. After some work she was able to be successful around some of the items. Children came by today so we worked on polite greetings and take kibble gently. We ended the evening working on her out and playing with some toys. She has gotten very good at asking permission and trading or dropping her toy for another toy.


Pupdate 07/19/21

Ava spent the day working around other dogs and working on her food manners. She very much struggles with other dogs being near her crate or food so she worked on eating her food while other dogs were out. She struggled but I tried to set her up for success by using my calmest dogs. She also worked on her out and recall for her toys. She spent the evening working on door manners while I did some chores. My family was also very helpful at being a good distraction and bringing more dogs on our walk around the neighborhood to find new dogs to walk by.


Pupdate 07/20/21

Ava spent the day getting her bath staying cool during this heat wave. She worked on her distance down and sit. In the evening she went to the beach to work around lots of distractions. She was a little scared of the skateboarders and bicyclists but found an even scarier family with fishing poles. So we worked on walking by people with fishing poles until she stopped reacting. She worked on new place objects and walking by dogs with out reacting. For the evening she spent her time working on out and crate manners.


Pupdate 7/21/21

Ava spent the day at the park working around other dogs. She got to work on her off leash heeling and being around other dogs whether they reacted or not. She beat beat heat by relaxing inside watching some Twilight!! She also worked on the treadmill and went for an evening stroll off leash.


Pupdate 07/22/21

Ava spent the day working on her manners. Working on her food manners and adding out and recall while she's eating. She also worked on door manners while other dogs were outside playing. She does better with distance between her and other dogs. She worked on walking on the treadmill while my dog was out, also on her place duration with other dogs closer to her. She had a harder time with this but she is getting better at how soon she stops reacting. She later got to relax while we watched the next Twilight movie!


Pupdate 07/23/21

Ava went to an outdoor mall to work around distractions today. She was was not a fan of people on scooters or fishing gear. We worked on her not reacting to other dogs or people she wasn't fond of. We later worked on her food and door manners. She spend the afternoon outside with me while I did some gardening working on her off leash skills while people walked by. She handled people on bikes and skateboards better with some distance. We spent some time working on her off command from food and toys. She is able to drop the toy now with out needing a second toy! Yay. She spent the evening relaxing in front of the TV while I did some work on the computer.


Pupdate 07/24/21

Ava spent the day working out in public! She worked through her fear of things with wheels like shopping carts and suitcases! She met lots of people who wanted to pet her and got to work on all of her commands off leash around lots of distractions. She spent the evening getting ready to go home and getting her final snuggles with everyone while we watched The Flash. She is all packed up and resting for her big day tomorrow.



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