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Arthur | 10 months | Labradoodle | Los Angeles, CA - In Training

Update #6

Getting some training done at the outlet mall with Khloe! They totally put a show on looking so professional together doing a double “Place“!


Update #5

Such a beautiful day in SoCal to not just sit and watch the waves. Arthur is doing such an amazing job!


Update #4

Today was a great day for distractio work! Lots of people and some OFF LEASH “Sitting”! Awesome job bud!


Update #3

Loving how focused Arther is doing a “Place“ command with some dog distractions and on a different object. Doing some confidence building!


Update #2

Todays training session went great! Displays such a great a “Sit”! Ready for Halloween!


Update #1

Day one and he’s already displaying confidence! It doesn’t matter how small the object is, he’ll “Place“!!


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