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Artemis | Husky Mix | Long Beach, CA | In-Training

Meet Artemis! Artemis is an 8 month old Husky Mix from Long Beach, CA and she is joining us for our Three Week Board and Train Program! Artemis needs help with her basic obedience and leash manners. Artemis tends to pull heavily on leash when out for walks and is easily distracted by passing people and dogs. She is extremely friendly and loves to jump up when greeting new people. Artemis is such a sweet and loving girl who is ready to learn! Check out her 21 day transformation!


Pupdate 7/17/2022

After pick up today, Artemis and I went to a park local to my home to get to know each other and work on her first lesson. She was really anxious when I first got her out of the car kennel but seemed to warm up to me and her environment quickly. Artemis and I worked on conditioning her to the e-collar as well as working on her first command which is ‘heel’. The ‘heel’ command means walk with me so she is positioned on my left side and should walk next to me and keep my pace. After a couple of minutes of us walking back and forth she finally got the hang of it. She did great responding to the e-collar and didn’t mind having it on at all. She did get a bit nippy when it came to the leash and would throw herself and try and roll herself out of leash. This is normal behavior especially if she’s been on a harness for so long. Transitioning to a collar might take a bit of time but she seemed to not mind the pressure after a couple of minutes. She still tried to pull me every so often. Once we got to my home, Artemis was really tired from our day. She was able to explore my back yard and even went potty. She adjusted to the kennel nicely and is drinking plenty of water. She ate all of her dinner. 


Pupdate 7/18/2022

Artemis worked on her heel today around other trainers and their pups. She’s really struggling transitioning from being on a harness to being on a collar. It was a struggle to put her collar on since she would try and bite me. She would try to roll around on the ground when I tried putting a collar on and continued to nip and bite me. She did leave a couple of marks on my hands. When we tried to work on her ‘heel’ she would walk fine for a couple of minutes and then jump up and bite the leash and wrestle with herself on the ground. She’d even try to jump up and bite me again when she got frustrated. She would be less likely to listen or even try to walk forward if there were other dogs or people. We ended the day by working on her ‘come to sit’. She had an accident in the kennel in the car and started licking her private areas constantly. She was a little overwhelmed so she spent the rest of the day relaxing. 


Pupdate 7/19/2022

Artemis is having a hard time adjusting to her new environment. She did try to nip and bite me a couple of times when I tried to put a collar or a leash on her. She didn’t want to come out of the kennel today. I had to lure her with a treat to have her come out. Once she was out we worked on her ‘heel’ which she is getting a lot better at. She doesn’t pull as much but will throw herself is she sees something she wants to do and we’re not doing it. She did have a hard time with her ‘come to sit’ today. She didn’t want to come around my back and would jump up at me and try to nip at my hand. We took a lot of breaks today and we spent time being in each others space. She is such a sweet girl but definitely needs a bit more time to get used to me. She didn’t have any accidents in the car kennel today but she seems to still be licking her private areas. She did drool a lot today more likely due from stress. Overall she is being a good girl. 


Pupdate 7/20/2022

Artemis and I went to Legg Lake to work on her ‘heel’ and her ‘come to sit’. She is still really hesitant when I try to put any collars on her and she did try to nip at me a couple of times this morning. She isn’t jumping up at the leash as much but if there are heavy distractions such as a dog or people she will try and bite the leash. When we pass by people or dogs she tends to slow down and stare at them or will try and avoid walking near them. It’s really difficult to get her to do any of her commands with distractions around since she wants to do what she wants to do. Artemis is having a bit of a difficult time getting her ‘come to sit’ down and will at times stop short. Artemis did have another accident in the car kennel today. She will go potty in the kennel in my car but not the one in my home. She will potty even if she already had time to go potty before hand. She ate half of her breakfast and dinner and is drinking plenty of water. Overall, Artemis is slowly progressing but we may need to reevaluate her goals for her Three Week Board and Train since she is having such a difficult time and reverts to biting when she is getting collars out on her or she doesn’t want to do what I’m asking her to do.


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