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Archer | Weimaraner | Pasadena, CA | In-Training

Meet Archer! Archer is an 11 month old Weimaraner pup from Pasadena, California. He is here to join us for our 2 week board and train program. Archer comes from a very loving family who say he is very energetic, goofy, loving, and has a super high prey drive. On the flip side they don't like Archer jumping on guest, not having consistent recall, and getting easily distracted when other dogs are around. Over the next two weeks we will develop a well balanced foundation of obedience. Check back daily for his progress!







Archie is improving day to day. Today he was around other dogs and handled their presence well. Keep up the good work!


Pupdate 5:

Archie did well. Today we went over the down command. He was a bit hesitant at first. Over the many reps each down was a bit easier.


Pupdate 6:

Today we practiced place command. He did really well. This exercise will help with holding sit and down command. Also boost his confidence because he’s on a elevated surface.


Pupdate 7:

Today we went over all commands. Archer is pulling less but when on walks if he sees another dog he tends to still get distracted. He’s improving well because he just looks in the direction of the distraction instead of lunging over.


Pupdate 8:

Today we worked on heel command. Archer is pulling less when we’re on walks. He performs commands now more often than before. He is 3 scoops daily for breakfast and another 2 scoops for dinner.


Pupdate 9:

Over at the park we went over all commands. We got a chance to practice place command on the park benches. He’s doing really great with this command and is comfortable on elevated objects. He also did place OFF LEASH!


Pupdate 10:

Today we continued to work on commands off leash such as place! He did really well along with holding sit and down command on the table. His heel is improving as well and he walks off leash!


Pupdate 11

Over at the park we continued to integrate the place command with other commands. He’s become more confident. Before park benches were too high for him and a bit scary, now he jumps right up! He’s also doing really great around other dogs. Training with distractions he holds commands really well.


Pupdate 12:

Today was a hot one so we tried to work in the shade as mush possible. Archie is doing really well on his heel. He doesn't pull and is working really well on/off leash. He loves the place command and is really comfortable in holding other commands like sit/down. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ARCHIE!


Pupdate 13:

Another hot day so we went to the beach!

Walking the Venice boardwalk with tons of distractions, Archer handled them really well. He was able to perform all commands both on and off leash!

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