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Zoey | Corgi | Costa Mesa, CA | In-Training

Meet miss Zoey! She is a 5 year old Corgi from Costa Mesa, California. She is one smart sweet girl who loves to play fetch and cuddle. She is here for our Two-Week Board and Train program because she pulls on the leash, doesn't have a strong recall, and is quite the barker in the house! She is here with her not so little sister to learn some better manners in preparation for the addition of a new two legged sibling!

Pupdate 12/13/2020

Miss Zoey is all settled in! She is not the biggest fan of getting into the kennel but once she is in there she is a happy camper! She got to explore the backyard and go potty on just about every blade of grass back there. She found the toy box and had a blast rolling the toys around and trying to get me to throw them. She is a sweet girl and I can't wait to get to start teaching her!

Zoey did awesome in her first lesson today! She did got down the basics of all of the commands and helped make her Recall instructional! It does look like the sound may have cut out in a place or two, please do let me know if you need any clarification at all. She ate her whole dinner, is getting a feel for the routine, and is an angel in the kennel.

Pupdate 12/14.2020

Miss Zoey's Heel is coming along nicely! She did most of today with her leash dragging on the ground and giving me a ton of eye contact! She slept through her first night in the kennel great and even refrained from barking when we had a visitor this evening. Overall she had a really tremendous first day!

Pupdate 12/15/2020

Miss Zoey is doing awesome! She did most of her lessons dragging her leash and only seems to need a little help with Down. She did struggle a bit with Heel when we went to higher distractions but we worked through it! We are limiting the Place repetitions and I help her down when its anything taller than her, to keep from aggravating anything. I am so proud of how much she is learning!

Pupdate 12/16/2020

We really upped the distraction level on miss Zoey today and went to the back bay hiking trail! There was a lot going on but the Zoe girl was rocking it. She needed a few more reminders then usual, it was a lot of smells, but overall she is doing great!

Pupdate 12/17/2020

Miss Zoey had quite a long day today! She went to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and helped with another trainers final video with me! Then this evening we did a long living room session to start working her through her barking. She is coming so far for still being in her first week!

Pupdate 12/18/2020

Zoey and Piper finally got to work together! It was a bit chaotic at first, they both weren't sure if the rules still applied when they are together! After some reminders and some practice though they started doing really well!

Pupdate 12/19/2020

Miss Zoey is getting pretty good at all her new abilities! We worked on a ton of duration/distance with all of her stationary commands today and she is looking sharp! Liker her sister we did two sessions today. One in a not so distracting baseball field and one at a very busy duck park! She did absolutely stellar at both. She absolutely loves to work, so now that she has an idea of what all her jobs are with me she is constantly offering up the behaviors!

Pupdate 12/20/2020

If you're here first, things will make sense if you watch Miss Piper's first! We went over their Heel alone and Heel together. Please let me know if you have any questions! I am still working on Zoey tending to pop to the right here and there (mostly because big little sis Piper squishes her in) but overall their joint Heel and joint Recall has come so far! They dragged their leads this whole video!

Pupdate 12/21/2020

We had a very special little birthday bash for miss Zoey's 6th!! We had a dog treat birthday cake which she very graciously shared with her sister and new pal Nico! Her and Piper practiced their manners and had a fun play time all together!

Pupdate 12/22/2020

We went to the outdoor mall today! It was a bit more crowded than we had anticipated so we did our best to stay six feet from people and sanitized everything when we got back to the car. However, they both did so great! Zoey was an absolute champ and had great eye contact the whole time! I was so impressed by her!

Pupdate 12/23/2020

Miss Zoey is looking so sharp! She was turning all kinds of heads today. She did so well 6 seperate people inquired about getting their dogs trained! She did a bit of everything and in her group session with Piper we even worked on them working on different commands than each other, which is some pretty difficult stuff!

Pupdate 12/24/2020

We went back to the same outdoor mall as yesterday (it's one of the only ones around not packed with last minute holiday shoppers! ) We did a little work on the girls final videos! Miss Zoey's session was interrupted by the rain but she still had a great time! There were a few things that still need a tiny bit of tweaking but overall she is looking really awesome!

Pupdate 12/25/2020

Miss Zoey did so well on our long walk today! She also had some very thorough cuddles at the end of the day. She was quite insistent! She has really come such a long way in the last two weeks and I can't wait to get to show her off on Sunday!

Pupdate 12/26/2020

Zoey did a great job on her final video today, I am so proud!! She has come a long way in the past two weeks, and her and her sister will be incredibly missed. They are both so special!



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