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Ziggy | Pit Bull Mix | 3 Year Old | El Monte, CA | In Training

Our newest member of the off leash family, Ziggy! He is a 3 year old Pit mix who has joined our board and train program in an effort to learn the fundamental commands he needs to help his family have an easier time managing him. He is an extra excited boy who can get carried away sometimes so he will be practicing leash manners and learning focus. Eager to watch his progress.

Pupdate 07/20/2020

Ziggy has been doing great on his first full day of training. We introduced his training collars and he is responding really well to low level corrections. We completed a long walk this morning and have a night session of command work planned for later in the evening. He's such a happy boy!

Pupdate 07/21/2020

Ziggy learning place today. He was nervous of the cot at first but after some practice, was able to complete the command and then we practiced him holding it until break. Overall he has been a very happy dog, enjoying training.

Pupdate 07/22/2020

Zigggy out on our evening walk. He doesn't react to cars very much but is freaked out by motorcycles driving by. We walked passed a family with a stroller than he got nervous around but we worked through it and the E-Collar allowed me to redirect his attention back to me.

Pupdate 07/23/2020

Pupdate 07/24/2020

This big goof out on our walk today. He is pulling much less after all the heel training drills we have been doing. He is much better at focusing and following commands when wearing his training collar. When he is not, he has selective hearing which is why the E-Collar is such a useful tool!

Pupdate 07/25/2020

Out on our early morning walk. We went to a track and put a lot of laps in just nailing down his heel command. Ziggy gets weirded out by anyone else on the track like joggers or bike riders so we have been working on mellowing out his reactions to distractions out in public areas. Good progress from this boy!

Pupdate 07/26/2020

Ziggy out showing off his heel command while dragging the leash. "Look no hands!" Great progress today.

Pudpate 07/27/2020



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