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Pupdate 10/18/20

Welcome Ziggy! Ziggy is a big 20 month old Rottweiler that is here for a 1 week board and train to learn some manners. He pulls on the leash, tends to bark and fixate on other dogs and overall doesn't pay much attention to his owner's commands. Ziggy is here at Off Leash Socal to learn a good on leash foundation to help him become a well behaved dog.

Pupdate 10/19/20

Ziggy went to the park today and worked on heel, sit, come, down, place and some of his reactivity that showed later. Ziggy did very well maintaining his heel as we walked passed other dogs that were calm and holding a down command with thier trainers. Ziggy did get fixated and very aroused at a dog that was playing over 50ft away with it's handler. We will be working on using the ecollar to try correcting and interrupting that fixation and putting him in a command to teach him what is the correct behavior to do.

Pupdate 10/20/20

Ziggy did very well working around other dogs and people today at a park today. His heel has improved and he is learning how to get into the correct position and stay there. Ziggy is nervous of his surroundings and seems to always be on alert for something that may trigger his reactivity. We worked Ziggy in a muzzle for everyone's safety and had him hold a place with his back to the dogs to help put him in a position to try and relax. Structure is super important for Ziggy to have in order to help hold him accountable for his actions and help him understand what the correct behavior is.

Pupdate 10/21/20

Ziggy went to the park today and worked around other dogs and did very well. He was nervous and was uncomfortable in this environment but did good listening to the commands being asked. Ziggy worked on down, come, heel and place while dogs worked and relaxed around him. It took a good 15-20 minutes of heeling Ziggy around before he was relaxed enough to practice down. Ziggy will anticipate the handler using the leash to guide him down, by standing up instead of sitting to avoid being brought down. He did successfully down a couple times when training on our night walk after he relaxed a bit.

Pupdate 10/22/20

Ziggy went to the park today and worked on place to place using big rocks. He wasn't too eager to move from one rock to the other at first but after a few repetitions and he did very well. Ziggy has environmental triggers for things that are small and fast moving. He did good very good when told to "leave-it" (stop staring) at a small child riding by on a skateboard and continued heeling. Ziggy is being very polite waiting till released for his food at meal times.

Pupdate 10/23/20

Ziggy went to a relatively busy park today and worked on heeling, down and place. He did very well heeling through weave poles and has gotten better at holding his place command. Ziggy did good going onto a place cot and worked on moving from one place cot to the next. He tends to like sticking to one place object and puts up a bit of a fight when asked to move to another. We work him through it and if need be we will bring the place objects closer together to help him succeed before moving them farther apart.

Pupdate 10/24/20

Ziggy did very well today. He wasn't very interested in his breakfast this morning so it was given as his next meal. He went on a nice walk on a busy street and although uncomfortable, he did very well trying to hold it together. Ziggy needs more exposure to outdoor settings as he starts to get cautious of his surroundings the more congested and busy it is. We walked past some metal pot holes on the sidewalk and Ziggy avoided them at first so we walked over them until he was comfortable enough to walk over it too. A loud car pasted by us and the sound it made did spook Ziggy quite a bit but he managed to collect himself and listen to what was asked.



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