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Yoji | Australian Cattle Dog | In-Training

Meet Yoji! Yoji is a 6 month old Australian Cattle Dog from Los Angeles, CA and he is joining us for our Two Week Board and Train Program. Yoji knows a lot of the basics such as ‘sit’ and ‘down’ but really struggles listening when around distractions. Yoji tends to bark at passing people and dogs and loves to jump up when greeting new people. Yoji just needs a little help becoming the best pup he can be. Yoji is a sweet and loving boy who is ready to learn! Check out his 14 day transformation.


Pupdate 7/31/2022

Yoji and I spent the day getting to know each other. He was a little unsure when I first took him out of the car but he seemed to warm up to me quickly. Yoji seemed very overwhelmed when we started working on our first lesson. We introduced the e-collar and Yoji had a hard time adjusting to it. We took a break and after he settled into my home for about an hour we worked on introducing the e-collar again. He was still unsure of it and would try and skitter ahead of me and just lay down. Instead, we spent more time getting to know each other and played with one of the toys that was provided for him.  He also didn’t eat much of his lunch and only ate half of his dinner. This is normal considering there were a lot of changes for him today. Overall, he has settled into the kennel nicely in my home and is taking a much needed nap. 


Pupdate 8/1/2022

Yoji and I spent the day at Wilderness Park where we were able to work on him getting used to the e-collar and his first command. Yoji is doing a lot better with the e-collar and wasn’t as overwhelmed by it as he was yesterday. Yoji spent time working around other trainers and their pups. He was really interested in them but didn’t bark. He would try to walk up to them and would get a bit frustrated when he wasn’t able to say hello to them. Yoji did really well with his first command which is ‘come to sit’. He did struggle in the beginning but did a great job once he got the hang of it. We ended todays training with his ‘heel’ command! Overall, Yoji is doing great and is drinking plenty of water. He did have his cough and it seemed like he was coughing pretty much the whole day today. It would be here and there or even when we we’re in the car. 


Pupdate 8/2/2022

Yoji and I spent the day working on building his confidence. We went to a local park where there were a lot of places to work on ‘place’ and practice jumping off of things safely! Yoji is doing a lot better at his ‘come to sit’ but will need to be told a couple of times before he decides to do it. He is also getting a lot better at his ‘heel’. He still tends to pull a bit especially when he sees other dogs but he doesn’t bark at them. He did seem to have a bit of anxiety when the gardeners were trimming the grass. He spooked with the loud noise and the big bags they were holding. After walking around for a bit, Yoji was able to work on building his confidence by going up and down the slide! He loved this. He would try and walk up the slide but kept sliding down and loved when we went down the slide. That was definitely his favorite part of today. We ended todays training by working on his ‘down’. He still struggles to do it out in public and especially without a lure. Overall, Yoji did such a great job! He ate all of his breakfast, lunch and dinner and drank plenty of water! 


Pupdate 8/3/2022

Yoji and I worked on his ‘heel’ and his ‘come to sit’ today. He is doing a lot better with his ‘heel’ but gets spooked easily if there’s a loud noise. He was a little overwhelmed walking and training around my neighborhood today. He didn’t bark at any passing people but would just stare as they passed. Yoji still needs to work on his ‘come to sit’ since he will either want to sit in front of me or sit a little far out on my side. We also worked on introducing extended ‘sit’ and ‘down’. He really struggled holding the commands for longer than 30 seconds. He would try and get up or would try to walk off and sniff the grass. Overall, Yoji is improving everyday and is being a good boy! 


Pupdate 8/4/2022

Yoji and I went to Petsmart today to work on his ‘heel’ and ‘down’ around distractions. Yoji is starting to get the hang of walking next to me and isn’t trying to pull me as much as he used to. Yoji is also a lot better at his ‘down’ but still needs a little encouragement to go in a down position. Yoji is doing better and better every day and his fun personality is really starting to come out! We played with a ball in my backyard and he was really excited to run around. Yoji did have a bit of an upset tummy today so he did have runny stool. He has been drinking a lot of water but wasn’t too interested in his food today. I added a bit of pumpkin purée to help soothe his tummy. I will start giving him more food tomorrow with each meal since we have been doing a lot more work. I will keep you updated on his stool. Overall, Yoji was such a good boy today! 


Pupdate 8/5/2022

Yoji and I worked on all of his commands at Fashion Island today! He was a bit overwhelmed working around other pups and was really curious about all of the children that were running around him. Yoji has gotten a lot better at his ‘heel’ but still struggles going in a ‘down’ around other dogs. We even worked on his ‘greeting manners’. He did want to jump up when greeting people he didn’t know but after a couple of tries he was able to sit patiently. I did increase Yoji’s food by a half cup each meal and he seems to be loving it. He doesn’t have runny stool any more but it’s still a bit soft. Overall, Yoji is improving nicely.


Pupdate 8/6/2022

Yoji and I worked on all of his commands around distractions. There are still a couple of times when Yoji will not be able to focus on anything but other dogs around him. He is getting a lot better at his ‘heel’ and we were even able to walk with a loose leash today! Yoji still needs a bit of help with his ‘come to sit’ command especially when there isn’t any leash guidance. Yoji is also getting better at jumping up on higher objects. He wasn’t able to hop up onto my car but he was able to do it today after a couple of tries. We worked on his extended commands and he did awesome! Yoji is also eating majority of his food and is showing his playfulness day by day! 


Pupdate 8/7/2022

Yoji and I spent some time working on all of his commands at a local park. We worked on his loose leash ‘heel’ as well as his ‘extended sit and down’. He was a bit distracted because there were some kids playing around and he wanted to play with them. He enjoyed a lot of free time playing with his toy and going up and down the slide at the park! Yoji did eat all of his food and I did add some canned food. Because of the canned food, Yoji did get runny stool. I made sure to give him some water and added some pumpkin to his dinner! Overall, Yoji is doing great and is progressing nicely! 


Pupdate 8/8/2022

Yoji and I went to El Dorado Park to work on all of his commands around distractions and other pups. He is getting a lot better with his commands and was even walking with a loose leash. He does tend to walk a little further away when we’re ‘heeling’ but we’re trying to work on getting him closer to me. Overall, Yoji is doing amazing with his training. Yoji did have runny stool again since he ate his canned food yesterday. I gave him pumpkin purée to soothe his stomach. It seemed to work a bit. He is drinking plenty of water!


Pupdate 8/9/2022

Yoji and I worked on all of his commands today at Petsmart with a dragging leash. He is doing a lot better at doing them without any leash guidance but still needs a bit of help sometimes. Yoji is also doing a lot better around random dogs and people but will still be interested in them when we walk by. Yoji still has a bit of runny stool, it’s soft some times and a bit runny other times. He is still eating pumpkin purée and that is really helping soothe his tummy. Overall, Yoji is progressing nicely and is being such a good boy!


Pupdate 8/10/2022

Yoji and I worked off leash at Pathfinder Park with other trainers and their pups. He is doing a lot better at working around other dogs but will still get a bit distracted if people run past him. Overall, he did great today with all of his off leash commands! He still have soft stool and he is still eating his pumpkin! Yoji enjoyed some play time before bed today! 


Pupdate 8/11/2022

Yoji and I worked on all of his commands off leash today at Wilderness park! He was a bit overwhelmed being around all of the ducks but didn’t try to go up to any of them! Yoji did such a great job today but he did mess up a bit when working on his ‘come to sit’. His stool is a lot better and it’s a lot more solid now! Overall, Yoji is doing such a great job! 


Pupdate 8/12/2022

Yoji went to Huntington Beach to work on all of his commands off leash! He did such a great job with all of his commands and all of the bikers that were around us. Yoji is a lot more confident and loves to greet people. He doesn’t jump up at people any more and loves getting as much attention as possible. Overall, Yoji did such a great job today and he can’t wait to show you all that’s he’s learned! 


Pupdate 8/13/2022

Yoji and I worked on all of his commands around my home! We really focused on refreshing a lot of his home manners. He did such a great job and he can’t wait to show you all that he’s learned. He enjoyed some free time at a local park where he was able to run around off leash and play with some of his toys. I added a sneak peak to Yoji’s final video from Huntington Beach! 


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