• aileen elyssa

Woody | Chihuahua | Santa Clarita, CA | In Training

Woody has joined our 2 week board and train. Little woody is quite skiddish and sometimes growls when told to do something. He has such great energy and is a fun dog but his energy is sometimes a lot to handle and needs to be managed. Woody also has a tendency to bolt at other animals and bark at people which can be embarrassing in public at times.

Pupdate 06/22/2020

Pupdate 6/23/2020

Woody is doing amazing with staying on command and focusing on me !

Pupdate 06/24/2020

Pupdate 06/25/2020

Woody enjoyed our little hike today ⛰

Pupdate 6/26/2020

Pupdate 6/27/2020

Socializing all of our pups 🥰

Pupdate 6/28/2020

Pupdate 6/29/2020

Hanging out by the pond on a bench with lots of human and animal distractions

Pupdate 06/30/2020

Pupdate 07/01/2020

Woody was relaxing on down.