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Wolfe | German Shepherd | Angelus Oaks, CA | In Training

Introducing Wolfe our newest 2 week board and train. He is an extremey energetic German Shepherd who has been through off leash lessons but is back to iron out his skills and improve even more! Let's see how he can progress!

Pupdate 12/07/2020


Wolfe out practicing the heel command. He is brushing up on the idea that he is not supposed to be walking infront of me, rather matching my pace and direction changes.

Pupdate 12/08/2020

Wolfe out on our walk. His weakness is completing the heel command around distractions like my dog or walking by other dogs on our walk. Making progress daily.

Pupdate 12/09/2020

Wolfe running through some refresher commands today. Working on the place command some more, adding distance and distractions to it such as my dog walking by or playing near him. Wolfe is improving on his impulse control but still requires some E-Collar correction.

Pupdate 12/10/2020

Wolfe out walking with Kylo. Wolfe will heel well but as soon as a distraction like my dog is introduced he loses focus quickly. More socialization with other pups will help get him used to completing commands in the presence of another dog.

Pupdate 12/11/2020

Wolfe out practicing holding his commands around other dogs. He has a tough time focusing around new dogs and people but we are working on it!

Pupdate 12/12/2020

Wolfe was working on weaving through these poles today. This exercise improves his heel command skills and teaches him to stick by my side through allof my constant turns. He requires some E-Collar correction but starting to understand the game more as we practiced.

Pupdate 12/13/2020

Wolfe out doing the heel command on a busy street. He typically is always on high alert so walking with distractions like loud cars and motorcycles driving by is good practice for him.

Pupdate 12/14/2020

Wolfe off leash today. He was completing the heel command off leash with light corrections from the E-Collar. When we walked by other dogs or joggers he required a higher level on the collar but would hold his command after.

Pupdate 12/15/2020

Weighing in at 62lbs Wolfe has been eating all of his meals. He works up an appetite for each meal during our training sessions.working hard in off leash commands today.

Pupdate 12/16/2020

Wolfe working his off leash command. He was doing great for awhile but after about 45 minutes of training he was feeling a bit over training. At this point he became stubborn and was showing all he wanted to do was lay down and hang out. I made him follow through with a few more exercises and then gave him a break and a reward for his hard work. He took a long nap when we got back home.

Pupdate 12/17/2020

Practicing the load up command. Wolfe starting to understand he needs to wait to be invited before jumping into his crate.

Pupdate 12/18/2020

Wolfe is working hard to focus here. Doing his off leash weave poles exercise which is rather challenging for him. Getting excited to get home back to his mom!

Pupdate 12/19/2020

Off Leash video filming today. After some hard training he had a rewarding play time session with my dog Kylo.



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