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Wolf | Husky | Los Angeles, CA | In-Training

Wolf, a 4 month old Husky, has joined Offleash SoCal for our puppy 3 week board and train program. This handsome boy loves going for walks and playing all day. Over the 3 weeks he will be working on his obedience commands, as well as potty training. Check in to see Wolf's progress.


Pupdate 4/2/2020

Wolf and I went to a school to start on his obedience training. Today we practiced the sit and come commands. He did very good for his first day of training. He caught on very quick. I haven‘t taught him the place command yet, but he decided he was going to jump up and place on the picnic table all by himself. Potty Training is going well, there were no accidents through the night. Wolf did wake me up at 2:30am to take him outside to go potty.


Pupdate 4/3/2020

Today Wolf went to the park to practice the sit command. He had a lot of fun watching all the ducks and geese in the lake. No potty accidents in the house or throughout the night, but he did have an accident in his crate while we were driving.


Pupdate 4/4/2020

Wolf giving me a dirty look for not giving him privacy while he went potty. Today he decided to dig up a gopher hole and get all dirty. We practiced more of the come and sit commands. We tried to practice the down command but that’s a work in progress.


Pupdate 4/5/2020

Today Wolf and I spent the day out in Long Beach. We went to a park and practiced his obedience. Wolf learned how to heel (loose leash walk). It‘s not a perfect, but he is walking a lot better now. He also learned the place command (sitting on a defined object, other than the floor). No potty accidents today.


Pupdate 4/6/2020

Wolf doing a great job with the heel command!


Pupdate 4/7/2020

Today Wolf did a lot of practicing indoors because of the rain. Once the rain stopped for a bit, we headed over to the park to practice. Wolf worked on the place command, even trying it on the bleachers. He was a bit unsure about it at first because it was a slippery from the rain, but i reassured him and showed him he would be fine. After, he hopped up on the bleachers With no hesitation. Wolf saw a couple horses today, which I thought he would be afraid of, but no, he wanted to run over and play with them. A few potty accidents in the house today.


Pupdate 4/8/2020


Pupdate 4/9/2020

Back to the park to work on commands. Wolf decided he wanted to dig up a gopher hole, that's why his nose is all dirty. No potty accidents today.


Pupdate 4/10/2020

Wolf working on the down command. He is doing a great job with all his training! Wolf is also doing a good job on his potty training. No accidents in the house today.


Pupdate 4/11/2020

Spent the day at the park. Wolf practicing the place command on a picnic table.


Pupdate 4/12/2020

Happy Easter! Wolf isn’t too happy we didn’t take a day off of practice for the holiday. We practiced all commands with the distraction of his friends who were running around and playing.


Pupdate 4/13/2020

Today Wolf and I went out to a shopping center to practice commands out in public, but away from people. Wolf practiced the place command on new objects. No potty accidents in the house today.


Pupdate 4/14/2020


Pupdate 4/15/2020

Wolf and I went for a hike today. We found a fallen tree that Wolf could place on. He had fun running through the field of poppies. He is doing great with potty training, he lets me know when he needs to go and heads straight to the door to go outside.


Pupdate 4/16/2020


Pupdate 4/17/2020

Wolf having fun playing with a stick at the park. He is doing a great job with all his obedience commands. He Is also doing very well with his potty training, no accidents in the house for about a week now.


Pupdate 4/18/2020


Pupdate 4/19/2020

Wolf wasn’t happy we came back to the park to train today. I didn’t want to pose for the camera. All he wanted to to do was go back home so he could play with his friends. Still doing good with going potty outside, no accidents in the house.


Pupdate 4/20/2020

Wolf had fun day out at the beach! He did a great job practicing his commands around new noises smells and distractions.


Pupdate 4/21/2020

Wolf had a break from training on his last day and just had some fun. We went on a run this morning with his dog buddies. We stopped at the elementary school and all the dogs ran around and chased each other on the playground. He got a bath, so he can clean when he goes home. Wolf did such an amazing job with his obedience and potty training, he can’t wait to go home and show you everything he has learned!


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