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Wiley | Australian Cattle/Mal Mix | Los Angeles, CA | In-Training

Wiley is joining us from Los Angeles for our Two-Week Board and Train. Wiley is a sweet, shy cattle dog/mal mix who had a rough start to life. With his dad by his side, he is on to bigger and better adventures. He is very smart but only does commands when he wants to. He has car and crate anxiety. He is iffy around certain people and dogs but when he likes them he loves to pull on the leash, jump, and whine. He loves to hike and explore, I cant wait to see how he does these next two weeks!

Pupdate 11/22/20

Wiley had a stressful ride in the car but adjusted well once in the house. He does have anxiety in the crate but that is something we will work on. He learned about the e collar and we went over the basic commands. He enjoyed watching me take a test on a place cot. He also learned how to walk on the treadmill. He ate all his food and some extra due to the amount of walking we did in the cold.

Pupdate 11/23/20

Wiley went to a new park today with some other dogs. He worked on learning come to sit and place with the e collar. He also worked around a lot of distractions! We also started the basics of heeling and he ate all his food. He's doing a lot of walking in this cold weather, so we are increasing his daily amount. We also started working on his crate manners. He still cries in his crate but we are working on it. He is getting more comfortable with me and learning I can be pretty cool to hang out with.

Pupdate 11/24/20

Today we went back to the park to work with new dogs! We worked on our heel and adding objects to our place command. We also worked on adding duration to our place command. When we got home we played a game of fetch, walked on the treadmill and worked on crate manners. We also went for an evening stroll to work on recall. He at all his food and seemed excited to work today even doing his playful bow growls during fetch and tug!

Pupdate 11/25/20

Wiley had an interesting day today. We went back to the same park to meet even more new dogs and have other trainers work with him. He was not happy watching me work with other dogs or be told what to do by strangers but he learned it wasn't so bad. He worked on his heel and making left and right turns. We also started increasing his send to crate and adding a side step to his heeling. He ate all his food and in the evening watched My Spy on place! We finished the night with an evening stroll and a game of fetch, his favorite!

Pupdate 11/26/20

Wiley had a Happy Thanksgiving staying toasty during the Santa Ana winds. He went for walks around the neighborhood to meet one of my dogs, Stitch. He is a little growly around new people so we worked around greeting the family for Thanksgiving. He watched Knives Out on place and was a very good boy with my parrot stomping around looking for food. He ate extra food today due to the cold, windy weather and the amount of walking we did.

Pupdate 11/27/20

Wiley had an exciting day going to a new park where we go hiking. He continues to improve his manners around other people, he finally took a greenie from my mom and did not growl at her in the process! Yay progress! We continued to work on his separation anxiety and being ok with my family working with him by taking turns heeling him on our walks. We also worked on his door manners and increasing the distance in his place command. He's slowly gaining some weight and we are keeping him warm during this cold season with a sweater on his outings. After our evening walk around the neighborhood, he relaxed in place while we watched Skiptrace!

Pupdate 11/28/20

Wiley spent his day working on his duration down and sit, and productive walks. On our morning walk we watched people play basket ball and went on some new place objects. During the day we worked on his duration place and duration sit and down while my mom was around, either watching TV or working. Still not her biggest fan, but we are working on it. To finish the day, we went for some more walks to meet the rest of my dogs. He went a short walk to meet my oldest dog, Mercedes, the staffy. He went for a longer walk to meet Sergeant, my 7 year old German Shepard. Those were his favorite times of the day. We wrapped up the evening with him working on his place command while I worked on the computer.

Pupdate 11/29/20

Wiley had an awesome day today practicing his off-leash skills by dragging the leash around the neighborhood! he also worked on increasing his duration for door manners and working on his puppy push-ups! He was not a fan of our evening walk because I was not the one walking him, but he likes getting to walk with my dog so he made some progress! As a reward, he got to snuggle before bed and just sprawl on the carpet while we all huddled by the heater!

Pupdate 11/30/20

Wiley met my nephew today! He thought he was pretty cool. We worked on place, we added some places objects to our belt and worked on adding distance to and from the place object. We also worked on shortening the leash and soon enough getting him off it all together! He is making great progress so far! He is also starting to like my mom, the treat lady! Overall he's working really hard to earn his snuggle time! We both like that!

Pupdate 12/1/20

Wiley had another fun day with my nephew, we went and worked at our nearby park off-leash. We went to a new park to work around more people and practiced our puppy push-ups and heeling.

Pupdate 12/02/20

Wiley made strides today! He is now a big fan of my mom! Even taking commands from her now! We went to an outdoor mall with a new friend that's also in training! We worked on adding some distractions, while staying safe, he kicked butt! Then we ended the night with an off-leash walk around the neighborhood with my nephew!

Pupdate 12/03/20

Wiley spent the day working on his separation anxiety and proofing his commands around other dogs. He sat in place while I ran my dogs on the treadmill, it was very hard for him but he did great! We also off-leash heeled around the nearby park and neighborhood. We later worked on puppy push-ups and place.

Pupdate 12/04/20

Wiley went to another outdoor mall today with me and my mom. We worked around different types of people and other dogs, social distancing. He worked with my mom as well and he was the best boy! We worked on puppy push-ups, food manners. We ate dinner to the movie Marauders while he was in an off-leash duration place! He also worked for my uncle on our evening walk, he is also elderly and he was not his biggest fan during Thanksgiving, but tonight he did fantastic!

Pupdate 12/05/20

Wiley is all packed and ready to go home tomorrow. He got all his last snuggles and we watched our last movie together, 3 Days to Kill. He went to the park today with his friends and we worked on weave poles and place to place. He also worked on his door manners and crate manners. We worked on some fun tricks and said all our goodbyes.



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