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Waldo | Cattle Dog | Camarillo, CA | In Training

Meet Waldo! He's a two year old Cattle Dog from Camarillo, California here for our Two-Week Board and Train program! Waldo is friendly once he warms up to you, however initially he will bark non-stop, and struggles following basic commands. Over the next fourteen days, Waldo will learn how to behave, how to properly greet people and other dogs, and how to be the pup he can be! Stay tuned for Waldo's Two week transformation!

_______________________________________________________________________________Pupdate 10/30/22

After you all dropped him off we spent some time together to see what he knew. I made a short before video and have attached a few pictures. We played fetch and got him acclimated to his new environment at the house. After a nice nap, we headed off to the park. He was very nervous pulling at the leash around anybody walking by but eventually calmed down and did some light training. He did only eat half his meal tonight but it is quite normal given the change.

_______________________________________________________________________________ Pupdate 10/31/22

Waldo and I spent some time in the backyard and at a local park. He is very skittish to any new noise; doors opening, drawers, and cars passing. Today we practiced his come command along with practicing some loose leash walking. Waldo saw multiple dogs and people and was very nervous but after spending some time walking he calmed down and was able to practice commands at a distance. At home Waldo is a bundle of joy and loves playing fetch. He barked a lot less today and seemed less anxious. We are working on his door manners along with coming out of the crate calmer.

_______________________________________________________________________________ Pupdate 11/01/22

Waldo and I spent some time at a couple different local parks today. You will see I have attached two different videos. One of them is showing him and I getting some repetitions in at the park. The second one has me talking most of the second half just explaining his current state of mind that I see from him. With no distractions Waldo is doing much better and I have heard little to no barking. The second a distraction comes in, his mind shifts into an fear/anxiety state. Today and over the next few days the biggest thing I will be focusing on with him is teaching him to turn that brain off. He is too smart for his own good at times and starts to overthink but we will keep working!

_______________________________________________________________________________ Pupdate 11/2/22

Waldo and I went off to Glendale this morning to meet up with a couple other trainers and work some dogs around each other. He came out of the car much less anxious and got right into the swing of things today. He did not bark or growl at any dogs but showed a little bit of anxiety. He did get nervous watching some of the gardeners pull tools out and use them but other than that he held his place commands well today and walked much better only needing a couple of reminders.

_______________________________________________________________________________ Pupdate 11/03/22

Today Waldo and I took my puppy to the vet and spent some time socializing around the vet and at a local busy shopping center. When we arrived home I noticed the Gardner had just arrived so we used it as a training opportunity. As you will see in the video he goes from nervous to super happy at times which is an improvement. He was a little nervous closing the distance to the loud noise but he did well and surprised me with how long he held place after a couple reminders. He is making great progress and and is so much fun to work with!

_______________________________________________________________________________ Pupdate 11/04/22

Waldo and I headed off to a couple different parks today. There was a baseball game going on but he did not pay too much mind to the noise and crowd. He was a little weary of the baseball bats and bags but got comfortable within a few minutes. We saw 20+ dogs and a lot of different people today. He pulled a few times and then would freeze when he got uncomfortable but created some space and kept him moving forward. He held his "sit" command from a distance very well and we continued working on getting him onto new "place" objects. The elevation of him getting onto things will help his confidence. He is still struggling with his down command and that is our main focus this afternoon.

_______________________________________________________________________________ Pupdate 11/05/22

Waldo and I headed off to a local small lake and took a nice walk around and practiced some training this morning. He was a little nervous during our first session but as you can see in the second session he surprised me a little bit and was doing fantastic. He is progressing with his downs and holding place for longer periods of time with very few reminders. New objects and new noises are still a struggle at times but he is becoming more confident daily and I am exposing him to as many new things I can.

_______________________________________________________________________________ Pupdate 11/06/22

Today Waldo and I got to spend some time around some new dogs and people. I have attached a couple pictures and a video. Today we focused on working his down command and holding that position along with getting him onto some more "place" objects. There was a lot of background noise and he gets distracted quickly. He follows through with the command but then disengages at times so we are also working on keeping his attention.


Pupdate 11/07/22

It was a Rainy day today and Waldo and I went out for a walk first thing this morning. He did it but was not loving the rain so we headed back home for some work on that place command and to get him on the treadmill. He did well getting on the treadmill and understanding what I was asking. He did struggle with me moving over him and moving around which we will continue working through. The goal of the treadmill isn’t to burn energy from him but to get him to focus on one thing while all this other stuff is going on around him.

_______________________________________________________________________________Pupdate 11/08/22

Waldo had a tough start to today. The high winds and rain made him a little more cautious today and on edge. We headed to a park when we had a light break in the rain and then worked on some door manners along with getting him back on the treadmill. He did well at the park passing people but did bark at one dog. He also did the treadmill all on his own today which is huge. He is building his confidence daily!

_______________________________________________Pupdate 11/09/22

Today Waldo and I headed off to meet up with a couple other trainers. He did well walking past other dogs but did struggle at first holding a sit or down if a dog walked by. We worked on getting him onto some new place objects to build his confidence as well! To end the day we headed to the park and Home Depot for some more desensitization to new noises.


Pupdate 11/10/22

Waldo and I headed off to Glendale this morning to work with some other trainers and dogs. He did fantastic today around other people and the couple other dogs we got to see he paid no mind too. He did break his “heel” command a few times when someone was carrying a large bag or something he had not seen but got back into position quickly. We then headed off to lunch and a local park and finished the day working on some car door manners and practicing him holding his “place” command inside the home. I also noticed on his back left paw today a small crack. It most likely is from the added walking and movement we are doing so I applied some paw balm smoother and ointment and will monitor and keep you updated if anything changes. He is walking perfect and it does not hurt him to touch but wanted to let you all know :)


Pupdate 11/11/22

Today Waldo and I headed off on a walk to a local busy shopping center where we grabbed breakfast and headed over to a busy park. Waldo did fantastic except for when passing one house there was a nail gun going and it spooked him. We did some u turns and walked back and forth for a few minutes before he relaxed. I also had some family over today and Waldo got the chance to practice his “place” command with guests. He broke twice but with a couple of reminders he hung out on his place board for 30 minutes. We also practiced his off command with his food and extended place holding. His paw looks a little better than yesterday and I cleaned it again this morning and put some paw balm on it. 


Pupdate 11/12/22

Waldo and I headed off to a busy park with multiple soccer games going on first thing this morning. He was distracted when we first got there but after about 5 minutes he did flawless except for holding downs when the crowd cheered. We passed multiple dogs and people with no reactions. We attempted to go to Home Depot again but everyone holding large things over there head was a little too much for him so we went to Tractor Supply and he did fantastic. He was a little on edge still but needed no reminders and greeted the cashier nicely.


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