• olk9chrisramirez

Violet | 7 months old | Corgi | LA, California | In Training

Update #5

After training them both together, it was a well deserved break to lay and relax in the cool shade. These two are turning out great!

Update #4

This here is her brother, Dash. He also has been going through the board and train program with her. What I’m doing is training them both to comply to the commands together without having any issues with fighting over space. When together, they sometimes play to rough. They are now both doing great!

Update #3

To make progress in training is to have a great bond between dog and trainer. She’s so motivated to learn new things and willing to be so obedient when conducting the commands. It was a great training session learning duration with the command “Place”, ”Sit”, and “Down”.

Update #2

She’s a very smart pup! From not knowing anything to learning so much so quickly is great improvement! She’s doing “Place” command on this cot that builds confidence and obedience. Awesome work girl!

Update #1

Here is Viloet, she’s here with her brother to do our 2 week board and train. They are both here to learn our 7 commands. She’s great with people and dogs but just needs to learn to come and be more obedient to her owner. Stay tuned for the next two weeks for her progress!