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Vera | Labrador Retriever | Los Angeles | In-Training

This is Vera, a 11 month old Labrador Retriever who likes to play around and loves her human brothers. She is here for our three week Board and Train program. Vera loves to play with toys that are not designated a dog toy like sandals and sticks. She jumps on people when greeting them and is very stubborn on walks and sometimes lays down when she is done walking. Vera is known at the doggie day care as a "bowling ball with legs" because she is a very happy dog and she jumps on everyone. She has previous training with positive reinforcement and treats and her previous trainer called her "special". Can't wait for Vera's pawsome transformation over the next 3 weeks!

Checking out the new smells


PUPDATE 11/2/2020


PUPDATE 11/3/2020

Vera did very good sitting there while the other training dog was checking her out

What a cute smile!


PUPDATE 11/4/2020


PUPDATE 11/5/2020

Practicing duration Sit and she did very well

Practicing doggie social distancing

Vera loves her new friend Dottie the Dalmatian

Good Place, Vera!

Practiced weaving through poles working on Heel

Benches make great Place objects


PUPDATE 11/6/2020


PUPDATE 11/7/2020

In the video, I want you to pay attention to when I release her from the command, particularly DOWN. Because she is struggling with Down, as soon as her butt touches the ground, I praise her and say Break (0:49). At 1:27 she falls off the place cot and I could not fault her for it because technically she tried to down but she was being silly.

Doing the Down command in a weird position but it counts!

She tried with her big eyes to get out of training today, sorry Vera!


PUPDATE 11/8/2020

A Nick White photograph of Vera!


PUPDATE 11/9/2020


PUPDATE 11/10/2020


PUPDATE 11/11/2020

I guess Duration Down on Place is not a problem for Vera


PUPDATE 11/12/2020


PUPDATE 11/13/2020

Waiting patiently in a Down command far away while I load up the car

The one thing I have been noticing about her and when she has free time to play with the other dogs, she takes the toys from the less dominant one (Dalmatian) if the Dalmatian has it in her mouth already. I have been playing "referee" for that relationship on occasion. But what I think was a good wake up call to Vera today was when my dog had a toy in her mouth, Vera wanted to take it and my dog is very vocal and stopped Vera. Hope that showed Vera that she cannot take toys away from dogs because not all of them are going to be nice!


PUPDATE 11/14/2020

Practicing self control with an off leash dog playing with a toy! She did great


PUPDATE 11/15/2020

Look at this cute face!

Duration Down on Place does not look so bad when Vera does it right?

Practicing Under

One thing I want to note is she is still skittish of new people. There was a male worker who wanted to say hi and she was cautious at first but after a few minutes she was licking his arm and did well.


PUPDATE 11/16/2020


PUPDATE 11/17/2020

Went into my personal dog's crate to enjoy a bone. I want to note that this is not the type of crate I use for my training.

Enjoying duration down on place again with a nice bone and caught both dogs doing the same thing

Adding a new friend named Loki

My flash was making Vera's eyes red so I tried to. not make it look as scary!


PUPDATE 11/18/2020


PUPDATE 11/19/2020


PUPDATE 11/20/2020


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