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Kona | German Shepherd | La Puente, CA -IN TRAINING

This is Kona she's never been on any walks. She is a strong dog with natural protective instincts. Owners have not been able to walk her anywhere.

Lack of socialization causes fear and insecurity, which is a leading cause of aggressive behavior.

She will be camping with us for the next few weeks, so we can help her get through her insecurity issues.

Pupdate# 1

Pupdate# 8

Big Kona and Black panther are beginning to trust each other.

Pupdate# 7

We CHILLIN like VILLAINS. Kona has improved so much, I'm so proud of her.

Pupdate# 6

Working commands at the park while socializing Kona to the outside world.

Commands: Extended Down and Extended Sit. Duration place

Pupdate# 5

Our trust is building stronger by the day. Kona is able to work around small distractions without the muzzle. Down command on place.


Kona is back at petsmart, now feeling comfortable around my kids.

Pupdate# 3

Kona doing great at Sam's club .

Pupdate# 2

Our first trip to petsmart.

Kona back at Petsmart being well behaved for my daughter.

Big sis isn't the only one that can get in on the dog training action.



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