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Miniature Australian Shepherd - Dog Training | Unique | Los Angeles, CA

Unique, a Miniature Australian Shepherd, from Los Angeles, CA went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal 2 Week Board & Train dog training program. Unique was trained by dog trainer Haley Giwoff in Costa Mesa, CA

Meet little miss Unique!! She is a 3 month old Miniature Australian Shepherd from Los Angeles, CA. She is quite the little fireball of energy! She is here for our Two Week Board and Train Program because she is a major leash puller, how eats everything she can find, and has little to no attention span in public! She will do just about anything for a treat when she is inside with no distractions, but nips, pulls, eats pony tails, and loses all control the second she is excited. She is one sweet girl and I can't wait to see how much she is going to learn over the next two weeks!


Pupdate 11/22/2020

Momma got to explore the backyard and get acquainted with the temporary new digs! So far she has had quite a bit of kennel anxiety, but that is not uncommon among pups her age by any means. Outside of that she is settling in very nicely and I can't wait to get to do my first lesson with her tomorrow!

Baby girl is right at home! She is pretty funny in the backyard! She primarily stayed on top of the deck because she doesn't like wet paws on grass! She ate her whole dinner which is fantastic, did her first potty outside, and is doing pretty good in the kennel. She does have some separation anxiety which like I mentioned earlier is completely normal, especially at her age. She was pretty scared of the texture of the scale but ultimately conquered it!



Unique had a really awesome first day! She did several sessions at the park and a few in the backyard! Her recall is looking great, she is getting the basics of Heel, and is just an adorable little wiggle butt! She slept through the night fantastically, is eating great, but she did potty in the kennel a couple times today. She does seem to think that where she is supposed to go! Nothing we can't work on though!


Pupdate 11/24/2020

Miss Unique had one busy day! She did several lessons at the park, now has at least an introduction to all 7 of her commands (she only needs real help with the leash with her Down) and she got to meet a friend! Her and Nico my personal got to play. Unique is actually a pretty dominant player and is incredibly insistent. Nico is absolutely in love and doesn't mind one bit, but I will be working on it with her as much as possible because not everyone will! Her big wins obedience wise today were Heeling while dragging the leash right by my leg and conquering her understanding of the Place command. Overall not a bad second day!


Pupdate 11/25/2020

Little Unique has come so far in her first 3 days! She is Heeling like a champ, starting to learn to stay put in her stationary commands, and is overall just a sharp confident girl! She still needs a remind or two here and there but I have a hard time believing she is the same pup I picked up on Sunday! She also had a big potty win today, no accidents in the kennel! She is such a cute girl everyone wants to come up and say hi everywhere we go!


Pupdate 11/26/2020

Miss Unique is finally sitting still for photographs! She did a long lesson at a shopping center today and practiced a bit of everything and had some great socialization with Mr. Nico and her other new friend Carter. She is doing so well and I am so proud!


Pupdate 11/27/2020

Unique is at 3 whole days without a potty accident! She is sleeping in her kennel like a baby every night, eating all her food, and going potty outside on command! Her obedience isn't looking too shabby either! She has started to scratch occasionally in response to the stimulation from the E-Collar. Which is totally normal but still something we are going to be working on over the next few days. Other than the interruptions that causes to her commands here and there she is really getting all of them down! We worked in front of a bunch of kids playing football at the park and she didn't miss a beat!


Pupdate 11/28/2020

Miss Unique is doing so well! She dudoing all of her commands and we are starting to up the difficulty on her with duration, distance, and distractions! She is getting a ton of socialization with two of the other pups, is well acquainted with her kennel, and her confidence is going through the roof! We did discover today that she has quite the love of socks. She absolutely thinks they are the best toy ever! So we are going to be teaching her that this is not the case over the next day or so!


Pupdate 11/29/2020

Unique worked at the duck park today! She was a bit overwhelmed by the commotion of all the ducks and people calling her cute but she did awesome! We did a little of everything and she only needed a couple reminders. She is looking so sharp all the bystanders were nodding in her direction and talking about how well behaved she is!


Pupdate 11/30/2020

Big mamma practiced all her skills at the shopping center today! She dragged her lead the entire time, did all of her commands well with everyone walking around and talking to her, and was a happy wiggle worm the whole session. She also got to have any extra long socialization session with Mr. Nico after dinner because she dropped everything she was doing to do all her potty business on command with one "go potty" and has been a total angel in the kennel.


Pupdate 12/01/2020

Missy Unique showing off all her skills at the shopping center! She is such a happy girl and is doing awesome!


Pupdate 12/02/2020

I just really wanted to show off what a confident happy player miss Unique has become! She is just so happy to leap off things, sprint around with the big kids, and generally playing super appropriately! When we first started her socialization she either came in top timid or too enthusiastically but she is finding her sweet spot! She did several sessions around the neighborhood today and I am just so proud of what a smart happy girl she is growing into being!


Pupdate 12/03/2020

Unique went to the outdoor mall today! She did so awesome!! She is becoming so much fun to work with. We did a bit of everything and got a ton of compliments from passersby. She is going to have so much fun showing off her skills for Dad this weekend!


Pupdate 12/04/2020

Unique is doing so great! We had a blast at the shopping center practicing all her stuff! She is turning all kinds of heads and is just a blast to work with. I can't believe how far she's come in the last two weeks! She is going to miss her besties Nico and Carter but will be so excited to go home to dad!


Pupdate 12/05/2020

Miss Unique is all packed up and ready to go home! We did her final video today and did some extra long play sessions with trainee big brother Nico! She is going to be so dang happy to see her Dad tomorrow!

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