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Boston Terrier - Dog Training | Tux | Redondo Beach, CA

Tux the Boston Terrier from Redondo Beach, CA went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal 2 Week Board & Train dog training program. Tux was trained by dog trainer Joey Madrid in Santa Ana, Ca.

Meet Tux, a 9 month old Boston Terrier from Redondo Beach. He is a super silly boy who loves being a puppy! He joined us for our Two-Week Board and Train to improve his manners and teach him obedience. He loves food and snuggles but boy does he love sniffing and being a silly, rambunctious goose! Watch him learn so much these next two weeks!


Pupdate 09/20/20

Tux is such a silly boy, he spent his first day with me getting to know the house and our neighborhood. He eats like a champ and definitely enjoys treats, although he is easily distracted! He whines a little bit in the crate, however it's very normal, and he only seems to to that when the other dogs are walking by.


Pupdate 09/21/20

Tux spent his day learning come, sit and break. He also met my 8 year old nephew. He is eating consistently and does appreciate an extra treat or two. He is not a fan yet of having to come when called, especially when trying to pee on all the trees and saying hi. He is a fan of the break command, he likes when it ends in treats and pets.


Pupdate 09/22/20

Tux went to a new park today and added some new place objects to his place command. We also learned down and heel today! He ate all his food just not all at the same time. He is such a silly boy. He does love to run around and hop like a bunny, he's such a character indeed!


Pupdate 09/23/20

Tux went to the park today to work on our heel and recall. We then worked on our place duration! He does prefer the fluffy place objects! He is definitely easily distracted and its very cute, we are working on it.


Pupdate 09/24/20

Tux had a day filled with new dogs! We worked on our distractions with another trainer and her dogs. Tux got to spend his down time romping around with the other puppies. He also learned he could focus around other dogs and just hang out and relax next to them while we practiced our duration down. He had a blast and snores the whole way home!


Pupdate 09/25/20

Tux had an exciting day learning to drag the leash! Tux got to meet some of my dogs and work on dog distractions again. We are adding duration and distractions to his commands. Working at different parks. Slowly increasing his duration on place while we go from videos, to shows, eventually a full length movie. He is eating like a champ and definitely has treats he prefers over others.


Pupdate 09/26/20

Tux went to the park today and walked around the neighborhood dragging the leash! We worked on adding distance to our commands. We also worked on food and door manners. Then we finished the day with puppy push ups.


Pupdate 9/27/20

Tux had an exciting day, he walked to my dads house, a mile away, dragging the leash with other people and dogs passing. He got to work at the park with another dog. He also got to have another play date. He was a very happy camper about that. We finished the day working on door manners and puppy push ups.


Pupdate 09/28/20

Tux went to the park and worked around a new dog. We worked dragging the leash and being on a shorter leash. He also worked on his off leash heel and down from a distance. As well as increasing our place duration to a whole show length!


Pupdate 09/29/20

Tux worked on his off leash skills today! We walked around the neighborhood off leash. Working on all of his commands. We tackled his door, food, and crate manners. We also worked on increasing his duration place and down.


Pupdate 9/30/20

Tux spent the day avoiding the heat in the AC. Working on our place to place, come to sit, and food manners. We finished the day with an evening walk off leash.


Pupdate 10/01/20

Tux avoided the heat by going for an early morning walk to the park. Then working on his duration place and puppy push ups inside in the ac! In the evening, we went for another off leash walk to another park where he got to work on walking past other dogs and strollers!


Pupdate 10/02/20

Why are the lights back on!

Tux had a fun day going to some new parks working on all his commands off leash. He got to relax hard, after he worked hard. He was not happy when he was awoken though. Too cute!


Pupdate 10/03/20

Tux spent his last day going to two new parks with my dog Stitch. We worked on his off leash skills with more distractions. He's all packed up and got all his snuggles and good byes out already. He is ready to go home! So exciting!



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