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Tony|Chocolate Labrador|Los Angels CA|In training

Welcome Tony. Tony is here for a one week board and train. Tony is a happy go lucky dog, he gets excited and likes to jump on people and pull on the leash. I will be teaching Tony some every day obedience and leash manners. He did great in the car and so far we went on a walk to introduce him to my dog and his new surroundings. Check back to see his transformation.


Pupdate 1/31/2021

Tony was able to relax after a nice walk, he continues to adjust well. On our walk he was curious and excited about my dog, also curious about the bikes we saw on the bike trail. We began our leash work and heel command. He had his dinner and we worked on place command. He did great in the crate as well.


Pupdate 2/1/2021

Today we worked on off and heel with the e-collar, he is learning what that communication means and is doing great with it so far. We always practice door manners when going in and out of any door, Tony knows this one, he also knows his food manners but we today we practiced with my dog to challenge Tony. He did great and is similar to my dog, she is also food motivated so they are not distracted by each other when it comes to feeding time.


Pupdate 2/2/2021

Today we went on a 2 mile walk to start our day. We practiced heel every day so he learns that this is how his walks will be from now on. We practiced place on a bench along our walk, he was apprehensive about it so we will work on that some more today to help him feel better about it by building his confidence. We did pass by an excited dog and he responded by running up to the dog wanting to play but it was a great teaching moment for him.


Pupdate 2/3/2021

We always start our day with a walk just to refresh everything we’re learning. I think this is Tony’s favorite thing to do. We did go to the park and worked on fcommands in a new place with some distractions. He is still unsure but I just continue to encourage him to help him feel better about new places and things. He is great at checking in, you can see him look up at me and that’s when I tell him good boy to communicate what I want from him. He is doing fabulous.


Pupdate 2/4/2021

Today we started our day at the park and dog park. We observed dogs inside the dog park and along the way, worked on place and commands throughout the park with some distractions. Tony’s is getting more comfortable in new places as long as there aren’t too many distractions. I’m seeing more of his sweet personality, he is doing great with self control when it comes to excitement. Later in the evening we went to the outdoor shopping area at the mall, it was great for him to be exposed to so many things, kids, a few people, speakers playing music, he was curious about everything, we took our time to keep his excitement level low, when his excitement level would escalate we would reset by sitting to help him calm down. He was tired when we got back to my place, after he ate he laid down and was snoring, he had a busy day.


Pupdate 2/5/2021

Today we went back to the park. Tony is doing great and I want to continue to expose him to the park, dogs and people but more importantly I want him to feel good about it, not insecure or unsure. It’s a slow process but overall he is learning a different association with people, dogs, parks. He does well with the obedience, we are focusing on his excitement levels by teaching that people and dogs do not represent excitement, we’ve also been working on him not whining and barking when he wants attention.

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