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Toast | Pembroke Welsh Corgi | North Hollywood, CA | In Training

Meet Toast! He's a thirty four month old Pembroke Welsh Corgi from North Hollywood, California here for our One Week Board and Train Program! Toast is reactive to dogs and strangers, pulls on his leash, and has trouble following basic commands. He also loves to nip ankles and steal socks! Over the next seven days, we'll show Toast how to behave on leash around people and other dogs, teach him manners and basic obedience, and show Toast how to be the best pup he can be! Stay tuned for Toast's one week transformation!


Pupdate: 1/1/2023

After picking up Toast, we stayed at Valley Village Park for a while so Toast could get to know me! He was very reserved and hesitant when we first met, but started warming up to me. He snapped at me while lifting him into my car, but he seemed happy once he was in his kennel for transportation! After the park, we went to my home to let Toast sniff around and get used to staying with me!


Pupdate: 1/2/2023

Toast and I went to El Dorado Park today for training! We bonded a lot last night, and this morning he actually let me pick him up to get in the car without getting mad at me! For training we worked on his Sit, Down, and Heel commands. For Heel, I want Toast to be able to walk at my left side with his ears at my leg, without pulling forward or away. Toast was a little reluctant to sit and lay down for me, but his Heel is coming along nicely!


Pupdate: 1/3/2022

Toast and I went to Citadel Outlets today! Toast did a great job with his Heel command, although he still seems uncomfortable sitting and laying down when asked. He barked at one other passing dog, but managed to keep his composure throughout most of the day. Toast is definitely starting to like me more, but he still doesn't like being told what to do! He snapped at me once today while working on his Sit and Down commands. For his Come To Sit command, I want Toast to come to my right side, walk around my legs and sit at my left side with his ears at my leg. He is getting the first part, but still has trouble sitting for me.


Pupdate: 1/4/2023

It was a rainy day at Bell Gardens Park today! Toast didn't like the drizzles very much, so we mostly stuck to working on his Heel command, which he seems to like a lot! We did introduce his Place command as well today! For Place, I want Toast to hop up onto a raised object when asked. Toast has tiny legs, so we're keeping his place objects low and easy! He was hesitant to hop up at first, but he seems to be slowly getting the hang of it.


Pupdate: 1/5/2023

Toast and I went to Montebello Mall today to try to avoid the rain! He barked at one person when we first got there. He was very nervous around all the strangers. He was most happy while we were walking around the mall, but he needed to be coaxed to perform some of his other commands!


Pupdate: 1/6/2023

Toast and I went to Santa Monica Pier today! He did a lot better than I expected for such a busy place! He was a bit nervous, especially around the end of the pier, but he didn't seem to pay too much attention to the people all around him. He still has some stubborn moments here and there but nonetheless is able to work through it. Last night, we went to Home Depot with another trainer and Toast got to work with someone new! He seemed to like her, and did a really good job performing his commands for her!


Pupdate: 1/7/2023

Toast and I went to Cheviot Hills Park today for his last full day of training! He did a really good job today. He was able to perform each of his commands fairly reliably! For his video today, I wanted to showcase some of the manners we've been working on this week. The first one is food refusal. For this, I want to be able to put food in front of Toast, without him trying to eat it immediately. In this case I put some leftover Chinese food in a bowl in front of him, and I want him to be able to ignore it and then come to me when asked! For door manners, I want Toast to be able to sit patiently when I open the door, without trying to rush out before me. He has done well with both of these!

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