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Toast | French Bulldog | Santa Monica, CA - In Training

Toast is a french bulldog who is staying with us for our 3 week board and train program! She is a super-loving frenchie who loves to play and loves getting attention from both her owner and anyone she encounters. She hasn’t had much dog socialization and due to this she can often turn into a diva who starts to play a bit rough, will get snappy and can get very vocal. She is overly barkative at the door, any time her owner opens the front door she immediately wants to run out and when he tries to hold her back she does what he calls a “possessive demon bark”. She jumps at anyone’s face, to kiss them and lick them. Toast loves to pull on the leash a lot which her owner would like to work on and mainly put emphasis on a beautiful structured on-leash heel and not so much off leash since he is not very comfortable with it.


Pupdate #2


Pupdate #3

Today we spent some time far from dogs to work on her commands in a less distracting area.


Pupdate #4


Pupdate #5

We're working on creating distance between us and making sure she always keeps her focus with me no matter how far I go


Pupdate #6


Pupdate #7

Toast meeting my puppy with a physical boundary


Pupdate #8


Pupdate #9


Pupdate #10


Pupdate #11


Pupdate #12

Practicing place and releasing from a distance!


Pupdate #13


Pupdate #14

Toast hanging out in the fresh sand


Pupdate #15


Pupdate #16

This sweet girl has grown so much in her mannerism skills around people and dogs!


Pupdate #17

Toast hit a huge milestone today!


Pupdate #18

We went to the iAmericanan glendale!



Pupdate #19


Pupdate #20

Toast and Kaiba


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