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Tex | Husky | Rialto, CA | In Training

Introducing Tex to our 2 week board and train. Tex is here to learn all of the fundamental commands improving his overall obedience. He loves to run from his owners when being recalled while at the park and is in need of learning some house manners. Stay tuned to watch him improve!


Pupdate 03/08/21

Tex today out learning how to properly walk on a leash. He is a heavy puller so out lesson was long today. The exercise we practiced teaches him to focus on me and my pace changes along with direction changes. Instead of him leading the walk, we are the leaders of it. Beginning to understand how it works. Good progress today.


Pupdate 03/09/21

Today Tex learned the place command. We worked on teaching him that once he gets on the cott he needs to sit and stay. He holds this command until we release him with command "break".


Pupdate 03/10/21

Out walking around neighborhoods today. Tex is very distracted when walking by other people or dogs so high level use of the E-Collar is necessary to get through to him. This is totally okay! Some pups respond at low numbers, some respond at higher ones. He improved his heel command today along with working on place to down. He fights the down command quite a bit but we are working on it.


Pupdate 03/11/21

Out at a park today in between the rain working on Texs heel! He is pretty good at ignoring the collar if it's at low numbers so higher numbers are necessary to get his attention. He is improving on coming to a sit when we stop as well as working a lot on the down command today. He fights laying down a bit at first but with patience will complete the command.


Pupdate 03/12/21

Tex working on the down command today in between the rain we got our work on! Tex has been working on placing on different objects too. The down command he struggles with sometimes and resists a bit but then with patience and consistency he will finally lay down and then we give him big praise.


Pupdate 03/13/21

Today we went to the park and worked this exercise that is designed to improve Texs heel. The constant turning forces Tex to stay focused on me.


Pupdate 03/14/21

Doing much better on his heel today. We began to drag leash a little bit and he is improving on hands free heel but I did have to step on the leash a few times as we passed some distractions and he got carried away by his instincts.


Pupdate 03/15/21

Tex is down about a pound and a half since he has started training. He regularly doesn't finish all of his meals but loves to stay hydrated ! I added some bits of treats to his meal to get him a little more excited about eating. His crate manners have improved vastly!


Pupdate 03/16/21

Tex got pretty overwhelmed today at Lowe's. We worked on his commands around distractions and he was very alert about everything around us. After working for a bit I let Tex smell some of the flowers and relax before heeling back to the car.


Pupdate 03/17/21

Tex around biscuit one of his favorite partners in training! These guys have been playing together quite a bit along with learning their commands together.


Pupdate 03/18/21

Tex working on the load up command today. He's practicing holding a sit and waiting to be invited before jumping into his crate.


Pupdate 03/19/21

Walking along side biscuit. Tex is doing a good job at completing the heel command here around another dog that would usually distract him but here he is focusing on the command and keeping the same pace as the pack without pulling.


Pupdate 03/20/21

Tex out on his last day today. We were off leash at Lowes and he did a great job! He can get a bit overwhelmed by all the things there so we keep our trips relatively short while practicing his commands.

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