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Tea | German Short-Haired Pointer | Redondo Beach, CA | In-Training

This is Tea, a three year old German Short-Haired Pointer from Redondo Beach, CA. She is here for our three week Board and Train Program! Tea loves everyone she meets but has some tendencies to jump on them. Tea also goes on nose safari's every time her family takes her on a walk. Over the next three weeks, Tea will have a pawsome transformation and that's the TEA!

Today consisted of getting used to everything new. She was great during the car ride home! Tea was very interested in meeting my Golden Retriever Mira and they like each other. Since I got her later in the day, we will start training tomorrow. She ate her dinner and had water as well. Can't wait to start training tomorrow!


PUPDATE 11/15/2021

I took Tea to a local park today to work on Come to Sit. Overall, I think she is responding well to the e collar and the commands. I can tell she has a stubborn side but once I give her lots of praise, Tea is very happy to do the command. Tea is settling in here well, Eating/drinking/peeing/pooping normally. She is so sweet!


PUPDATE 11/16/2021

Tea had a good day today! We practiced all the commands at the local park to see what we need to work on the most. She was very stubborn with going into a Down command so we will be focusing on that. Other than that, her Heel is improving little by little and I even was walking her with the leash dragging today. I do have to remind her a couple times to focus on the task at hand. She is eating/drinking/peeing/pooping normally.


PUPDATE 11/17/2021

We went to a local park today to mainly focus on our Place command. She was struggling with going onto my Place cot and I think it is because it was wobbly so we will be practicing going on objects like that. Tea was less stubborn today so that was good. Her Heeling is improving but still tries to go ahead. Did not eat all her food today but I am not concerned. Drinking/peeing/pooping normally.


PUPDATE 11/18/2021

Tea had a better day today! Today was the first time Tea went to the outdoor mall to practice all she has learned from the past couple days. Overall, she did well. Tea is still having some difficulties with going into a Down command but it is getting better. Her Heel is improving but sometimes she still gets distracted with the sights and smells around her. We are working on her duration commands because it took her a couple tries to stay in the Duration Down for 1 minute.


PUPDATE 11/19/2021

I took Tea to a new park today to practice being in a new environment with different smells and distractions. Overall, I think she did well today! She definitely loves to use her nose to smell everything she can, but using the e collar is helping her remain focused on the current task. I think Tea is getting more and more comfortable with me because she was rolling in the grass during our break! We are still working on her sitting on my side rather than in front of me shown in the video. Tea is eating/drinking/peeing/pooping normally.


PUPDATE 11/20/2021

I took Tea to a playground to help increase her confidence going onto different Place objects. The bench in one of the pictures seemed to give her more trouble than the others. I had Tea go down the small slide to help build her confidence more. She is slowly doing better at going into a Down command but still continues to be stubborn about it. We are working on Tea staying in his command for an extended period of time as it is still difficult for her. I also have been teaching Tea to not bolt out of the front door and she has been doing well at that but sometimes she has her moments. Eating/drinking/peeing/ pooping normally.


PUPDATE 11/21/2021

Tea had a great day today at the Century City Mall! It was the first time she was out with so many distractions. We had a couple moments where she made some mistakes but overall I am really proud of how well she did today! Great work Tea! Her duration commands are improving. I still struggle putting Tea into a Down Command sometimes so she still has her stubborn moments. Tea is eating/drinking/peeing/pooping normally.


PUPDATE 11/22/2021

I took Tea today to the Topanga mall to practice being in a new environment with different distractions. It was the first day I had her dragging the leash out in a big public setting and she rocked it! She had a little stubbornness with going onto some of the Place objects I put her on but she eventually did it. Her Down command is improving although I still have to guide her downward with the leash mostly. Tea was very interested in the fish and had a good time. Tea is eating/drinking/peeing/pooping normally.


PUPDATE 11/23/2021

Tea had a great day today! We went to the Hollywood Walk of Fame to practice off leash training and overall she did well. She had some difficulties on occasion but I was very impressed by how well she adapted to Hollywood Blvd. We are still working on Tea going into a Down command easier. She did get out of the Place command but there were some people that were very eager to pet her and she was excited. Her Heel is doing well. Great work today! Eating/drinking/peeing/pooping normally.


PUPDATE 11/24/2021

Tea worked on home manners which include Door Manners, Food Manners, and Crate Manners. Overall, she did okay. She was very stubborn today. Sometimes pups think they do not need to listen as much since they are in a home environment so this is why I wanted to practice this today. The Down Command was difficult for her as well as staying in a Down Command while I went back and forth from the front door. Once I put her in a Sit Command for Door Manners, she started to do much better. She had no troubles with Crate Manners so that was great. I have noticed with Tea that it is important to use the e collar whenever you give her a command or else she will test me to see if I will follow through with the command. That is something you will have to keep in mind when her board and train is finished.


PUPDATE 11/25/2021

Happy Thanksgiving! Today I focused on Tea's Down and Under Command at the local park. Following through with the command, especially the Down Command, is very important for Tea's training. Then once she completes the command, giving her lots of praise and affection. Since the Down command is on the challenging side for her, Under was also hard for her to understand what is being asked. I used a bench and taught her Under and she wanted to get up on it. Tea is eating/drinking/peeing/pooping normally.


PUPDATE 11/26/2021

Today was a big day for Tea! We went to the Santa Monica Pier to practice being in a very high distracting environment. The pier was packed with people and a lot of loud sounds were around but Tea did a good job overall. Sometimes she strayed away from my Heel side as we were walking through the crowds of people. There were a couple dogs on the pier and she did not pay any attention to them as we walked by. There were people mentioning how cute and well behaved she was! Great work overall!


PUPDATE 11/27/2021

My goal for today's training for Tea was building up her confidence, working on Down, and Under. I put her on different Place Objects throughout Home Depot and overall she did well. There are sometimes, as seen in the video, where she gets stumped. If you allow her to think about it and you follow through with the command, she figures it out. Down is still difficult for her. I was very surprised how well Tea did with Under in the video but it was great to see! I tried other Under places and she did okay with those.


PUPDATE 11/28/2021

Tea had a good day today at the local outdoor mall. She did great on the different Place objects I was putting her on and she was Heeling with me off leash the entire time! Great work! She struggled with Down and the Under command. Tea does great at Come to Sit off leash. There were a couple people that noticed how well she was behaving and mentioned how beautiful she was!


PUPDATE 11/29/2021

Tea worked on improving her Down command, Send to Place, and Under at the park. With the help of another trainer, Tea was able to go into a Down command much better. In the video, you see how she was before another trainer helped out, while my trainer was working her, and the results. This took about 30 minutes to make sure Tea understood Down better. I also worked on Send to Place and Under and that seems to be going well. Great work Tea!


PUPDATE 11/30/2021

I took Tea to the local park to work on Heel, Down, Send to Place, Place, and Under. Overall, she did very well. Her Under and Send to Place has been improving so that is a great sign. Tea's Down was better today but there were still some bumps in the road. After she was training, she had some time to run around the park and she enjoyed that very much. Every time I recalled her, she came back without hesitation so that was awesome to see how far she has come with being off leash. She is eating/drinking/peeing/pooping normally.


PUPDATE 12/1/2021

I took Tea The Glendale Galleria to practice all her commands in a new environment. Overall, she did very well with her training there. She had some moments where she drifted off when we were in a Heel command and a couple times she got out of a duration command. We worked on Under since sometimes it still can be tricky for her. Once she knows a Place object, she does relatively well on doing Send to Place so that was great to see.


PUPDATE 12/2/2021

Tea had a busy day today! I took Tea to The Grove and overall she did very well. She did a couple reps of Extended Down and Extended Place. There were many people, strollers, and dogs that walked by here and she stayed in the command! Awesome work! Her Heel was great as well and we walked off leash around The Grove a couple times. Her Down Command has improved. Sometimes she still is stubborn about Under but once she does it she does great.


PUPDATE 12/3/2021

Tea had an awesome day today at the Santa Monica Pier. I am so proud of how well she did with all the distractions. Even with other dogs around she was focused on the task at hand and did well. The only thing that was difficult for her was when the birds were flying close to her. Everyone at the Pier was so impressed by her. The video shown today were the highlights of today. She did great on Place and we did Send to Place. We walked through a huge crowd of people without any issue at all. Then, there were other random trainers there so in the video the dogs got very close to her but she was not phased at all! Way to go Tea!


PUPDATE 12/4/2021

I took Tea to a local town center to expose her to a brand new environment she has not been to before to work on all her commands. Overall, she did great. She is going into a Down command a lot easier and she was Heeling well when there were dogs and kids running around. She was still very interested in the ducks in the water but she kept her Down command so that is great to see. She did get up off the Place object near the water when there were kids around to say hi. We worked on Under in a couple places and she did good with that. We can't wait to show you all that she has learned over the past couple weeks!


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