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Tanzi | Akita | Los Angeles, CA | In Training

Welcoming Tanzi to Off Leash. She is here for 3 weeks to learn some fundamental commands to improve her obedience and give her owners more control over her. She can get reactive around some larger dogs and is very timid around strangers so we are going to be working on building up her confidence. Stay tuned to watch her progress!


Pupdate 05/10/21

Out teaching Tanzi the heel command. She wants to lead the way during the walk and will pull around to where she wants to go. I am showing her to follow and focus on me by constantly switching directions and my pace. If she strays from my left side or pulls she gets a light correction from the collar until she gets back into position.


Pupdate 05/11/21

Out and about today working a lot on the heel command. It is a tough one for her so we are spending lots of time on it. We practiced the place command today too. She earned some play time after with my dog Kylo. They are getting along great and love to play!


Pupdate 05/12/21

Tanzi is getting better at the place command. She is starting to understand she needs to get on the cott, sit and hold the command until hearing the release command "break"


Pupdate 05/13/21

Some rough housing with Kylo here. They are getting along great and she has not shown any aggression during play. If play becomes too rough, I separate them for some time before allowing them to resume. We worked a lot more on the place command too and she is improving on holding it for longer durations.


Pupdate 05/14/21

Out on our walk today practicing the heel command a lot. She has a tendency to pull if we let her so keeping her in command is critical when walking with her. After a few blocks I will release her to go smell around and do her business, then get back to the heel command.


Pupdate 05/15/21

Working the heel command a lot today. She wants to pull ahead any chance she gets so using the E-Collar for light corrections every time she begins pulling stops her and gets her back in position.


Pupdate 05/16/21

Trip to Lowes today for some distraction work. Tanzi is easily distracted by things going on around her so to get her to focus on her commands she requires higher levels with the collar to get and keep her attention.


Pupdate 05/17/21

Training session at a school today around light distractions. Tanzi was pulling towards some of the kids running by us so we needed to work on her focus more and teaching her to leave things alone and just focus on her commands.


Pupdate 05/18/21

Out working through the weave poles today. This exercise is supposed to teach Tanzi to pay closer attention to the leash holder and match out movement. We worked on the down command more which she is improving on. A little stubborn but will lay down after light correction.


Pupdate 05/19/21

Definitely stepping out of her comfort zone for this one. Tanzi is doing good with the place command however this place object is higher up and pretty thin making this a clear confidence test for her. I had to assist her on the way up and help her find her balance but once she realized she could do it on her own, she stayed solo!


Pupdate 05/20/21

Out enjoying a nice long walk. Tanzi gets distracted by some of the bigger, louder cars that drive by so we have been working on getting her a little more desensitized to them.


Pupdate 05/21/21

Tanzi practicing holding her commands here. She is doing well with holding sit and down for limited durations.


Pupdate 05/22/21

Off leash today! Tanzi did very good walking around with no leash needed. When walking by distractions higher numbers on the collar are needed to keep her focus. She has been scratching at herself less today. Still keeping a close eye her gums/ lip area looking for any sign of irritation but no sign.


Pupdate 05/23/21

Working on food manners with Tanzi. She is learning to relax, and wait to be released with the break command to go to her food or water bowl. This pup can drink water like no one's business! Definitely a good thing staying hydrated in this heat.


Pupdate 05/24/21

Off leash at Lowe's today! Tanzi did well ignoring the distractions around us. Making sure the collar is nice and tight to get through all of that fluff on her neck is crucial otherwise she doesn't feel the corrections on the collar.


Pupdate 05/25/21

Tanzi enjoyed watching me eat some dinner tonight as she waited patiently next to the table just hanging out. We practiced ignoring distractions that walked by!


Pupdate 05/26/21

Working off leash door manners today! Tanzi likes to be first in and first out so it's important we teach her stability by making her hold a command before being released into or out of the house. Always on our terms.


Pupdate 05/27/21

Tanzi and Kylo spending some quality play time together off leash! These two love to play and chase eachother around. As her training gets closer to an end, I have found that she is particular about what dogs she likes and what dogs she doesn't. Keeping the E-Collar on, and ready to use allows us to manage her behavior if she barks at other pups.


Pupdate 05/28/21

Tanzi off leash at the mall today filming her final video! She did good avoiding distractions and keeping close to me. Although it's a little warm out lately so we keep our training sessions short making sure she stays hydrated and gets to cool down in the shade.


Pupdate 05/29/21

Last day of training! Tanzi has made big progress since she first arrived to training and I am proud of her! After filming some more of her video she has some well earned free play time at the park!


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