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Tank | French Bulldog | Los Angeles, CA | In-Training

Introducing Tank!! He is an 8 month old French Bulldog from Los Angeles, CA. He is a very excited, loving, and happy pup! He is with us for our Two Week Board and Train Program to learn how to listen in public, greet new people and dogs more calmly, and to learn all his manners! He is a sweet boy with so much room to grow! I can't wait to get started with him! Stay tuned for his 14 day transformation!!


Pupdate 12/28/2020

Mr. Tank is settling in! He is a total happy camper in the kennel and is slowly but surely coming out of his shell. He has probably sniffed every blade of grass in the backyard! He did his before video and some basics today. I can't wait to do his first official day of training with him tomorrow!


Pupdate 12/28/2020

Tank had a big first day! We did several short sessions around the house/neighborhood in between bouts of rain and then finished off the day at Home Depot! He doesn't always do everything right away just yet, but he is picking up on everything really quick!


Pupdate 12/29/2020

Mr. Tank is starting to do his commands without leash tension! He dragged his leash the whole time we were at the park. He occasionally has stubborn moments, but with a little patience he does eventually jump to doing his commands with enthusiasm! His face folds are looking a little less angry today and being kept dry and clean! He did have a little accident in his kennel today (drank his water a bit fast and it came back up) so he did end up getting a bath today. He was not happy about it at all at first but by the end was very tolerant!


Pupdate 12/30/2020

Tank worked a few sessions outside the dog park today! We worked around people, ducks, and dogs! Tank still has his moments of stubbornness but as of today when he comes out of it he is snappy and sharp looking! He is really starting to get everything down! He has lost a little weight, so I am upping his food intake a bit. He does spit up when he gets stressed out and has been doing a ton of work, so I am sure a little extra food will bring him right back up!


Pupdate 12/31/2020

Tank was all tanked out from our day! He did a pretty long walk for him, with some stops to work on his other commands. He is doing really well! He makes a little progress everyday and is a total sweetheart. He is always resting his chin on me and falling asleep in between sessions. When I put him on Place towards the end of our walk he froggy doggied with all his limbs spread out and promptly took a nap! He didn't pull at all the entire walk and even passed by several dogs without any reaction. I am so proud of how much progress he is making!


Pupdate 01/01/2021

Tank did great at the shopping center today! He is doing all of his commands without and leash, with the exception of Down which he needs a little help with sometimes. His weight thus far is still not coming up. We tried a tactic of a bunch of little meals today which did seem to help him keep it down easier. Hopefully this can taper off his weight loss and start bringing it back up in the next couple days.


Pupdate 01/02/2021

Tank had a bit of kennel anxiety last night but had a great session at the Back Bay Nature Center today. He did a little bit of everything and was super on point! His weight is still going down so we switched to chicken and rice today which he seemed to have a much easier time keeping down.


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