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Sumo | Mini Australian Shepherd Dog Training | Los Angeles, CA

Sumo the Mini Australian Shepherd from Los Angeles, CA just finished his 2 week Board & Train dog training classes. Sumo was trained by Balanced Canine Training SoCal dog trainer Chris Ramirez.

In training:

Update #9

Working on that kid distraction and he’s doing amazing!! He used to just want to jump on them but know he knows right from wrong. Now he’s just showing how cute he can be!


Update #8

Before the rain came down on us, I wanted to capture this othe perfect “Place” command on an awkward rock that wasn’t stable but he managed to make it happen and stayed there! The obedience with him is on point!


Update #7

Place”! Is the command Sumo is doing here on this bench. The confidence to jump onto any object and sit for a duration time is great! Working on that distraction training at the park to! This guy has come a long way to be where he’s at now and I’m super proud of him!


Update #6

He will win you over with his charm and more with his smartness. His commands are on point and he knows it! Took his training out to the public and did amazing! Distraction work is what we worked on and he’s did very well. Practice makes perfect and he’s on the right path.


Update #5

The bond between trainee and trainer must be strong to achieve the goals that we’re trying to conquer. He’s fast and swift and eager to learn! Has all the commands in his head, now time to put them to the test out in the public!


Update #4

Todays session was on point with dog distraction. Here he’s doing “Place” on this ledge and holding it while having my personal dog try to distract Sumo. Building confidence with this command and duration!


Update #3

“Place”, Is the command we’re locking In! This pup is for sure driven, driven to learn quick! ”Place” is to gain confidence to place on any object and stay on it till told other wise. Look at that smile!


Update #2

This session we‘re establishing how to hold commands long periods with moderate distraction. “Sit” and “Down” are getting better and better! Such a happy puppy In the process.


Update #1

Meet Sumo! He’s here for our 3 week board and train program! He’s super driven with excitement, his owners only wish to have his excitement more towards being obedient. As soon as he’s hyped up to play, he won’t listen to anyone. He rather have everyone chase him as if it’s a game. So, he will learn the commands that we train and to learn to be more obedient! So stay tuned his progress!


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