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Summer | Husky | Los Angeles | In Training

Welcoming our newest member to the Off Leash family, Summer! A highly energetic Husky who loves to lead the way on her walks. She is with us for the next two weeks learning on and off leash obedience. She has an understanding of some commands but is selective of when she wants to obey them. We can't wait to watch her progress!

Pupdate 09/28/2020

Learning the place command today. Teaching Summer that she needs to stay in command until she hears her release word "Break" at which point, I make things fun by being excited, animated and giving her lots of praise for completeing the command.

Pupdate 09/29/2020

Summer enjoying a nice evening walk. She is getting used to her training collar and responding better. She stops the pulling pretty quickly with low level corrections but gets mouthy and can throw tantrums. Such a happy pup here!

Pupdate 09/30/2020

Summer learning to walk without pulling today. Teaching her to follow my lead. Matching my pace variation and direction changes. Great progress.

Pupdate 10/01/2020

Summer out working on the down command today in the shade. Summer will lay down but still is requiring some leash pressure to encourage her. Working on improving on that.

Pupdate 10/02/2020

Pupdate 10/03/2020

Summer out showing off her confidence during our walk completing the place command on an awkward new object. Each new place object is a test of confidence and trust between us!

Pupdate 10/04/2020

Practicing loading into the car! Waiting patiently for me to invite her to jump in. Great job Summer!

Pupdate 10/05/2020

At the park showing off some of her dog distraction skills and working her commands in front of new people acting as distractions.

Pupdate 10/06/2020

Practice heeling with Summer. Due to her wanting to run when going off leash, she is practicing walking while dragging the leash. She is progressing with her commands on leash but while off leash she gets very stubborn and wants to run back to her crate is to get out of doing her training exercises. It's crucial we hold her accountable and work her through her first instincts.

Pupdate 10/07/2020

Pupdate 10/08/2020

Practicing the place command on a more challenging objects this time. Summers confidence shows when she completes the command on a small spot like this.

Pupdate 10/09/2020

Took a trip to Victoria Gardens today to work alongside some other OffLeasg trainers. Summer did well at not reacting to the other pups in training, however she did react pretty heavily to a baby stroller rolling by that got a little to close for her comfort. Did well in the crowd but was very curious of everything around us.

Pupdate 10/10/2020

Out practicing some heel! Summer has had big improvements on not pulling on the leash while walking.



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