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Stevie | American Bully | Canyon Lake, CA | In-Training

Meet Stevie! Stevie is a 3 year old American Bully from Canyon Lake, CA! She is joining us for our One Week Board and Train Program. Stevie needs help with basic obedience and leaning how to walk on a leash! She tends to jump up when greeting new people and is easily distracted by other dogs. Stevie is a sweet and loving girl who is ready to learn! Check out her 7 day transformation.


Pupdate 4/3/2022

Stevie and I spent the day getting to know each other. She was really anxious today and was drooling a bit. She adjusted really well to her kennel. We had our first lesson today. We worked on getting her used to the e-collar as well as working on her ‘heel’. She was having a hard time adjusting to the e-collar but was really sweet while we worked. By the end of our lesson she wasn’t pulling as much but was still walking a bit ahead of me. She spent the remainder of the day getting used to her new environment. She didn’t eat any of her dinner but that is most likely due to nerves! Overall, she is being a good girl!


Pupdate 4/4/2022

Stevie and I went to a local park today to work on her ‘heel’ and ‘come to sit’. She still pulls on the leash but is responding really well to the e-collar. She’s does startle easily when other dogs pass us or when they bark. It takes her a bit of time to focus and readjust! We also introduced ‘place’ today. She struggles jumping up on higher surfaces but did a great job jumping on the slide. She only ate half of her breakfast and dinner.


Pupdate 4/5/2022

Stevie and I worked on her command at Wilderness Park today. We worked on her ‘heel’ and ‘place’. She still tries to pull me and will have her nose stuck to the ground at times. We’re working on having her focus a bit more and walking at my pace. She did really great with her place! She had a lot of confidence going up and even was a little more energetic when she went up. We ended the day by introducing ‘come to sit’ and ‘down’. She struggled with her down a bit but went down when I have her some leash pressure. She is slowly getting better at it. She ate less than half of her breakfast and less than half of her dinner. She went potty like normal and drank only a bit of water. She is being a good girl.


Pupdate 4/6/2022

Stevie and I worked on all of her commands at our local park! She is getting the hang of it but still struggles with keeping my pace. She will lag behind at times or stop completely. She is getting a lot better at her ‘down’ and her ‘come to sit’. It does take her a bit to come around and sit but she tries her best and is slowly getting the hang of it. Stevie ate half of her breakfast and dinner. She is being a a really good girl!

Pupdate 4/7/2022

Stevie worked on all of her commands today. She was able to working with another trainer as well. She did really well but did get tired quickly because of the heat. We worked all throughout the day and made sure to avoid the heat. She still struggles with her ‘come to sit’ but is getting a lot better. She drank plenty of water today and only hate half of her breakfast and dinner.


Pupdate 4/7/2022

Stevie went to The Block at Orange to work on all of her commands. She was a little spooked by a couple of the dogs there but did an amazing job staying focused. She did great ‘heeling’ by a mini train and people that walked close to her. She would get nervous at times and would get up from her ‘down’ if people walked a little too close to her. She ate half of her breakfast and was than half of her dinner. She is being a good girl.


Pupdate 4/9/2022

Stevie went to a local park today to work on all of her commands! She is such a good girl and did a great job. She was able to run around and play with her shark toy. She did tired pretty quickly so we took a couple of breaks. She is doing a lot better and has improved so much. There were a couple of off leash dogs at the park and she paid them no mind. She ate a couple of treats before bed. She ate half of her breakfast and dinner.


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