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Mini Australian Shepherd - Dog Training | Sterling | Pasadena, Ca

Sterling, a Mini Australian Shepherd, from Pasadena, CA went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal 2 Week Board & Train Program. Sterling was trained by dog trainer Katie Lapin in Los Angeles, CA

Sterling the 5 1/2 year old Mini Australian Shepherd has joined OffLeash SoCal’s 2 week board and train. Sterling is a good sport when it comes time to taking funny pictures when mom and dad ask. He is a smart dog but only listens when he feels like it. He is a very anxious dog and does not do well in car rides. Sterling has two new family members in the house and he sometimes growls when they get too close. Some of the things we will be working on is building his confidence and socializing with other people and dogs. I cannot wait to see how much he is going to grow in the next 2 weeks!

PUPDATE 8/31/2020

Sitting like a proud doggie!

This was him refusing to look at me after we were training for a little!

Favorite picture of him so far!


PUPDATE 9/1/2020


PUPDATE 9/2/2020


PUPDATE 9/3/2020


PUPDATE 9/4/2020

Place command on a tiny rock!


Heeling with a wall helps keep Sterling close by


PUPDATE 9/5/2020

Note how lightly I am holding onto the leash. I am letting him make the decision which calls for less leash pressure and more e collar and that is leading us in the right direction to become off leash.

Practicing Heeling through the cone zone

My dog and Sterling


PUPDATE 9/6/2020


PUPDATE 9/7/2020

Great Distance Down this morning

Went over to my friend's house to beat the heat. My friend is a trainer and trained all her dogs and even has 2 Aussie's I could not resist getting a picture with! He was nervous at first meeting but he did not show any signs of aggression or nipping. I am trying to show Sterling new friends are welcomed and not scary.


PUPDATE 9/8/2020

Used the park seating to work on Place command with Sterling. The constant repetition guiding him through the same Place object helps build his confidence.


PUPDATE 9/9/2020


PUPDATE 9/10/2020

This picture was this morning. You can tell he is still unsure of things by his eye on me while we eats and the fact that half his body is inside the crate while the other part is outside the crate. He really enjoyed todays 5 star meal I might get a good yelp review from him!

Sterling is still nervous and anxious but today we played fetch and it was great! He had a lot of fun and I wanted to encourage his playfulness to shake out all the nerves he bottles up. Sterling has come a long way and I cannot wait to show off what he can do.


PUPDATE 9/11/2020


PUPDATE 9/12/2020


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