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Cattle Dog Mix | Spaghetti | Los Angeles, CA

Spaghetti, a cattle dog mix from Los Angeles, CA went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal 2 Week Board & Train dog training program. Spaghetti was trained by dog trainer Aileen Medina in Sylmar, CA.

Pupdate #1

Spaghetti the cattle dog mix is a very excitable and goofy pup who needs some help so that his parents can feel more comfortable with him in public. When he walks, he pulls sometimes on leash, his owners do not like his barking at the fence, or how he chases after skateboards. His parents would really love for him to be trained well enough so he will not leave their store. It would also be helpful to his owners for him to be a good listener and respond better because he can tend to get distracted when excited


Pupdate #2

Spaghetti is doing well with the training and understanding the collar at very low numbers but he did have an accident while we were getting ready to head out today, this photo was while we were leaving the dog room


Pupdate #3


Pupdate #4


Pupdate #5

Having fun holding commands around kids at the playground


Pupdate #6


Pupdate #7


Pupdate #8


Pupdate #9


Pupdate #10


Pupdate #11


Pupdate #12

Working on all commands this morning in order to prepare for his final video!


Pupdate #13


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