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Oso | American Bully | Oxnard, CA | In-Training

Oso, a 5 month old American Bully, has joined Offleash SoCal for our 2 week board and train program. Oso is a sweet and silly boy that comes to us with some normal puppy behaviors: jumping to greet, little obedience, leash pulling and reactivity, etc. Over the 2 weeks he will be working on his off leash obedience and manners. Check in to see Oso’s progress!


Pupdate: 9/21/2020

Today I introduced and conditioned Oso to the ecollar. We practiced commands come and sit. He did very well for his first day of training. He is having a blast running and playing with all his doggie friends.


Pupdate 9/22/2020

Today Oso learned a new command, Place. Place is where Oso has to sit or lay on an object different from the floor. This command is great for confidence building as well as teach him how to stay still and be calm.


Pupdate 9/23/2020

Today Oso and I went to a local park to practice commands. We worked on come to sit and place. We also practiced a loose leash heel. It’s still a work in progress, but Oso is walking a lot better, hardly pulling on the leash.


Pupdate 9/24/2020


Pupdate 9/25/2020

Today Oso and I stayed home and did training. We practiced come to sit, place, and heel. We also tried practicing the down command, which he doesn’t really like. After training Oso got to cool off in the sprinkler and play with his friends.


Pupdate 9/26/2020

Today Oso spent the day down in Newport with his buddy, Jagger. He had a great time walking down by the beach. We practiced all commands. Today was Oso’s first day out in big distractions, so it was a bit hard for him to focus. We will keep working on it to desensitize him from high distractions and be able to start working off leash.


Pupdate 9/27/2020

Today Oso, Jagger, and I woke up early to beat the heat and start training. We went to the park and practiced commands. Oso practiced come to sit, place, down, and heel.


Pupdate 9/28/2020

Oso working on his off leash heel. We went for a little evening hike. He did really well for his first time being off leash!


Oso practicing the down command. Not his favorite one to do. We have been working on food manners, teaching him that the food belongs to me and he isn’t allowed to eat it until I allow him. So today we did it with the pack. Each dog has to sit calmly and wait for their dinner, then they have to wait calmly until I put their bowl down in front of them. They are not allowed to run up and try to eat the other ones food, they have to sit and wait their turn.


Today we worked at home and tried to stay cool in this 102 degree weather. We practiced indoors until it cooled down. We worked on place/duration down in the house, to teach Oso that in the house he needs to be calm and relaxed. We worked on door manners and practiced tightening up his off leash heel with the weaving poles.


Oso practicing his off leash training at Lowe’s.


Pupdate 10/2/202

Today Oso and I went to the park to work on his off leash commands. After, he joined me for lunch at my family’s restaurant where he practiced place/duration down.


Pupdate 10/3/2020

Today Oso and I went to a park to work on his off leash commands. He made a few new friends today. He met a 5 month old cane corso and a 8 month old French Bulldog. Oso can’t wait to go home and show you all that he has learned over the 2 weeks!


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