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Snoopy | Poodle Mix | Rancho Palos Verdes, CA | In -Training

Meet Snoopy! An energetic 18 month old Poodle Mix from Rancho Palo Verdes here for our Two Week Board and Train Program. Snoopy has joined Off Leash So Cal to work on a few behaviors such as nipping, aggression towards other dogs, and barking excessively at anything that captures his attention. Over these next Two Weeks we will work on proper socialization and overall obedience with the ultimate goal of being Off Leash! Stay tuned for his Two Week Transformation.


Pupdate 12/26/2022

Snoopy and I spent the day together getting him all settled in at his new temporary home. When we were filming out in the backyard together he noticed my other personal dog and became extremely reactive. After applying a leash pop and cuing him to Sit it didn't take him long to stop what he was doing and sit. We have some work to do and will begin obedience training tomorrow!


Pupdate 12/27/2022

Snoopy and I ventured out to The Brea Mall where we focused all of our work on proper socialization, exposure to new environments, and an introduction to leash pressure along with stimulation of the E collar. Initially when we began our pack walk, Snoopy was very reactive, lunging and barking at the other pup Enzo. After a few leash pops and redirecting him to the opposite direction, he followed my lead and stopped reacting. We were able to Heel together all throughout the mall. The first 30 minutes of walking around, he appeared to be very anxious. He whined frequently, and panted heavily. After about 30 minutes passed, he stopped whining and Heeled quite nicely. During the Heel Snoopy is expected to remain by my left hand side, sit whenever I stop walking, and should be checking in with me frequently. We will keep working near other dogs and crowds of people to work through his reactivity.


Pupdate 12/28/2022

Snoopy and I worked on introducing him to a few new commands today while exposing him to several more dogs. At first Snoopy was overwhelmed with the other trainer’s dogs, whining frequently and fighting the urge to react. If he began to lunge or his whine turned to more of a severe whine I popped the leash upwards and cued Off. I never let him fixate, only glance. I then asked for his attention by calling his name. After some repetitions, Snoopy checked in with me more frequently and his whine began to fade away. As you can see in the video, he was curious about the other dog that passed him but did not react as I reminded him to Sit. 

We then worked on introducing him to the Place command which is the action of Snoopy jumping onto a new surface and staying there until released with the cue Break. It helps create a calm state of mind, builds confidence, and prevents unwanted behaviors like jumping or reactivity. Snoopy was a natural and jumped onto plenty of new surfaces!


Pupdate 12/29/2022

Snoopy and I Heeled together to the local park where we worked on all of the commands he has learned so far. His Come to Sit on my left hand side is improving.  At times he spins around before he sits but it is less frequent than it was yesterday. It is a form of resistance he has to the pressure at times which we are working on. He did not react to any dogs today yet did become overstimulated. We worked on him responding to his name being called which helps prevent him from reacting. He is learning to see a stimuli, then check in with me instead. When he checks in with me I praise him with the marker word Yes and pet him which he loves!  If he begins to ignore me and vocalize, I pop the leash along with stimulation from the e collar and cue him to Heel to practice calming circles. 

We then worked on introducing him to the Down command. I applied leash pressure downwards which he did not respond to. I then applied pressure to a pressure point in between his shoulder blades which after some time, helped him lay down. We practiced this multiple times till he began to perform the behavior more quickly, learning how to turn the pressure off. We will keep working on the Down command to create more fluency. 


Pupdate 12/30/2022

Snoopy and I worked on proofing the commands he has learned so far in a highly distracting environment today while at the mall. He acclimated to his surroundings fairly quickly and performed a nice Heel, checking in with me frequently as we walked around together. Whenever I call Snoopy’s name he is expected to offer eye contact. When he does, I reinforce it by marking it with a Yes and reward him on an intermittent ratio reinforcement schedule to keep him guessing when his next reward is without being reliant on the treats. His come to Sits are consistent and he enjoyed jumping on plenty of new surfaces! He is learning to hold his Extended Sit in crowded areas as well, as I create distance between us. 

There were quite a lot of dogs to work Snoopy around. He is improving with checking in with me while Heeling near dogs yet struggles to hold his Down position while dogs pass him. This is common, as Down is a very submissive position for a reactive dog. Snoopy did perform Down more fluently today, needing less leash pressure to guide him into position.


Pupdate 12/31/2022

Snoopy and I ventured out to the mall where we worked on exposing him to more distractions and added duration as well as distance to his commands.  At first he struggled with holding his commands while I added distance. I began rewarding him whenever I came close to him again which helped him hold his Sit as I was at a distance eventually. We came across a few dogs that he was able to Heel next to without reacting. We will keep working on exposing him to more dogs, of all sizes and temperaments. 


Pupdate 1/1/2023

Snoopy had a fun day working on proper socialization with another pup that I have in training, Enzo. They chased each other around the backyard together as I practiced his recall during playtime. At first it was difficult for him to stop playing and Come to Sit. After some guidance and repetitions, he began to check in with me frequently. We then went on a stroll around the neighborhood to work on proofing his commands with the leash dragging. 


Pupdate 1/2/2023

Today Snoopy and I went to the park where we worked near other trainers and their pups. I took Snoopy’s prong collar off today to begin to transition him to the leash dragging and utilizing less leash pressure which Snoopy struggled with. He was extremely reactive to all of the pups that he saw, and although was not excessively barking like before, he would whine consistently and  at times will lunge. The whining would gradually become louder so I practiced calming circles with him when it would escalate which helped him. We had the opportunity to practice a pack walk with the other dogs, which Snoopy improved with. He tried to lunge a few times but after cuing Off he stopped trying to approach and stayed by my side. 

We then worked on his Extended Place and Down command at the skate park where we exposed Snoopy to loud skateboards and groups of people. He was very frightened, running from the skateboard and not wanting to Place. After about 20 minutes of training near the skate park, Snoopy began to appear more confident. He held his Sit and Down for a whole minute which was huge for him in this loud / new environment. Overall, Snoopy has improved with Heeling near other dogs while in a pack walk but struggles to pass by new dogs with a lot of energy. He has a very strong prey drive as well, wanting to chase squirrels whenever he gets the chance. I will put his prong back on to test and see if that will continue to help with his reactivity. We will emphasize our work on his Extended Sit , Down any Place near other dogs and around loud noises. 


Pupdate 1/3/2023

Today I took a trip with Snoopy to the local indoor mall. We utilized the 2.25 mm herm Sprenger prong collar  during our session which helped Snoopy fight the impulse to react as he trained near a new dog. We Heeled as a pack around the mall together, working on his Extended Sits, Down, Place and Come to Sit. Today was the first day that Snoopy took some of his fresh pet kibble while out in a public setting. This demonstrated to me that he is becoming more confident in new environments. He responds best to leash pressure and minimal e collar stimulation at very low levels. Now we will emphasize our work on his nipping while overly excited during playtime or greeting.  Good job Snoopy! 


Pupdate 1/4/2023

Snoopy and I ventured out to the mall where we further proofed his commands utilizing a 15 ft leash. This was Snoopy’s first time on a 15ft leash and after a few repetitions of Come to Sit on my left hand side and Extended Downs with distance he remained consistent with holding his position as crowds of people and even dogs passed by him. I utilized a herm Spenger prong collar with him which significantly helped him stay engaged with me and not react. Today was the first day that Snoopy did not react while seeing new dogs. He did become frightened when there was a loud noise near him and broke position, but has improved with checking in with me during questionable scenarios which shows me he is learning he is held accountable for all of his actions! 


Pupdate 1/5/2023

Snoopy took a trip with me to the mall to work on all of his commands, and  Greeting Manners as well. He was able to Heel nicely by my side, not reacting to dogs that we saw pass by us. He is able to hold his Extended Sit and Down for two minutes and Comes to Sit by my side from about 15ft away. I utilize the leash as a guide for him, showing him that if he follows the path of the leash pressure, it will be turned off. He now responds to his commands with less leash guidance than before. 

Once we worked on Greeting Manners, I released him to take a treat from someone new. He did not want to take the treat, but did show interest and did not bark. Snoopy in the past has barked at unfamiliar faces in hopes of getting them to go away when they would approach. We are working on showing Snoopy that barking does not get him what he wants and  are building positive interactions with new people. Through confidence building each day he will be more confident in new settings. 

We then went home and had playtime with the other board and train pup that I have Enzo. I cue Off to Snoopy whenever he plays too rough or begins to mount. He responds quicker to Off now, not testing it as much as before. Off is great to use to work on unwanted behaviors like nipping, jumping, barking etc. 


Pupdate 1/6/2023

Snoopy and  I began filming for his Final video at the mall today. After we took a lap around the mall together we worked on everything he has learned so far with a distance of 15 ft away from each other. He remained consistent as we Heeled together around the mall, turning as I turn and sitting automatically when I stop walking. If he needs to be reminded to Sit I apply slight  leash pressure upwards along with stimulation of the e collar to help him Sit.

There were plenty of dogs to work near at the mall. One dog in particular got Snoopy’s attention. As soon as I heard him whine and fixate , I popped the leash and Cued him to Sit. It is important not to let Snoopy fixate on anything. When a dog fixates they are “loading up” and will react in a matter of seconds. I interrupt each time by cuing Off along with a pop of the leash which immediately gets Snoopy attention. 

The rest of the day went smoothly as we passed by other new dogs while filming his Final video!



Pupdate 1/7/2023

Snoopy has learned boundaries, not jumping on the door to open it anymore. He has learned that when he sits and wait patiently, the door will open. If he gets up, the door closes on him. The door is an important threshold to remain consistent with so Snoopy won’t have a habit of being the first one out. 

After Heeling together around the neighborhood and working on his Manners, we played together in the backyard with the other pups. Playtime is a great outlet for Snoopy to release his energy. Since he is a very energetic pup, this is highly recommended.


Pupdate 1/8/2023

Snoopy and I spent our day together working on all of his commands as we strolled around the neighborhood. After about 10 minutes his anxiety gradually mellows down which is a very big improvement as before it took him up to an hour before he seemed somewhat relaxed in new environments. We emphasize our work on distance away from each other, which I recommend keeping up with to prevent his separation anxiety from escalating. It is best to never make it a big deal when you come and go so Snoopy doesn’t see it is a big deal either. Crate training also greatly helps with separation anxiety, especially when at home with Snoopy. Periods of time alone throughout the day helps prepare him for time apart, even while you are at home.

Snoopy has overall become more confident, can hold his Place and Extended Sit for a minimum of two minutes, and can Come to Sit from about 15 ft away. I recommended constantly taking Snoopy to new environments. Since he can be a nervous boy at times, desensitization to new places will only further improve his training. He is a loving boy who needs a lot of guidance, structure and leadership to thrive and follow instructions. He has come a long way and we can not wait to show you what he has learned. Thank you for trusting me with Snoopy!


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