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Scotch | Goldendoodle | Los Angeles, CA | In-Training

This is Scotch from Los Angeles here for our 2 week Board and Train program. Scotch is a very sweet pup who loves to play around however she has some tendencies to nip when she is in play mode. Also one of her favorite activities is to go on a nose-safari on all her walks and eat anything that looks interesting. While Scotch is here, we will be working on basic obedience to make Scotch the best she can be so stay tuned for her pawsome transformation!!


PUPDATE 8/9/2021

I do want to note that if I leave the food out in the crate she eventually eats it. So for tonights dinner I am going to continue to do that.


PUPDATE 8/10/2021


PUPDATE 8/11/2021


PUPDATE 8/12/2021


PUPDATE 8/13/2021


PUPDATE 8/14/2021

to the correct position was very nice. She did great on Place, we need to work on duration with her as she tends to get out of the command when I say her name because she is so excited. She did not show any signs of being timid or shy which was great to see! Down was better today but needs some work. When we were walking back to the car, she was heeling very well with me. Her crate manners (getting into the crate) is a breeze now!


PUPDATE 8/15/2021


PUPDATE 8/16/2021


PUPDATE 8/17/2021

Still sitting with Scotch while she eats her food and putting water on it, she just did not seem to interested in her food, especially not one of the chewable tablets!


PUPDATE 8/18/2021


PUPDATE 8/19/2021

Her activity is normal, peeing normally, no poop today however her stool has been consistent and firm.


PUPDATE 8/20/2021


PUPDATE 8/21/2021


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