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Scarlett | Rottweiler | Fullerton, CA | In - Training

Meet Scarlett, She is an eight month Rottweiler who has joined us for our 2 Week Board and Train program. She is here for basic obedience, digging, chewing things she shouldn't, and to be more confident around new surroundings and situations. Scarlett is social with people and dogs but has no information on how to behave on a daily basis. Scarlett will work with Cristian and maintain a relationship so he can help build and show Scarlett how peaceful and fun life can be with some obedience. Check in to see her 15 day transformation.


Pupdate 12/11/2022

Scarlett met her trainer today and got to know each other by going on a walk and trying to see if Scarlett can do some obedience commands. Scarlett was only able to give Cristian a sit, and was able to heel with him at times but would try to always walk in the direction she wanted. Cristian didn't mind it since it's the first day of their friendship so Cristian let Scarlett have some fun at the park they were at till they had to leave. Scarlett took about 15 minutes to get inside Cristians crate inside his car, as they arrived at his house she resisted going in her crate for a little, but eventually went in and fell asleep. Scarlet has been on her heat cycle having some blood come out but not a lot so her cycle might be ending soon but is being monitored throughly by Cristian, this will be updated until it has stopped.


Pupdate 12/12/2022

Scarlet went to a park in Downey today to work on her basic obedience and introduction to the E-Collar. Scarlet was skittish at times using the E-Collar, always wanting to run back behind Cristian. As the time went on she started to understand what the idea of the Collar was and still stubborn to complete a place or sit, but Cristian is consistent on redirecting her each time she doesn't want to listen or attempt to try. Scarlet needed assistance with her sit at times, but Cristian did not want to keep this normal because Scarlet could end up dependent with the hand needing to touch her. Cristian relied on the remote after some assistance with the sit, and Scarlett was able to sit on her own without needing help. Her cycle is still ongoing, she is rarely showing as much today but is still monitored and cleaned by her trainer.


Pupdate 12/13/2022

Scarlett went around the neighborhood with Cristian getting exercise and next to a church by Cristian's house he wanted to practice more obedience with Scarlett. Today's focus was recall, also known as come to sit. The goal for this command when practicing is to guide Scarlett around a person's body and to end up in the heel position ending in a sit. Cristian provides leash pressure when necessary if Scarlett stops to give up. At times she would do most of it with some leash pressure assisted, other times she would fail but was always redirected by Cristian to finish the goal and learn something new today. As time goes on this week Scarlett will condition her recall. Scarlett has been using the restroom on the sidewalk at times, when Cristian signals her to go on the grass but is confused when asked. This isn't all the time she has gone on grass, but she has pooped while walking two times so far. Cristian will help condition her to go on grass. Scarlett's cycle is still ongoing, the quantity is not as much, only small droplets still coming out but easily cleanable.


Pupdate 12/14/2022

Scarlett had exercise this morning, going on a walk with Hunter, Cristian's personal dog. They had no troubles walking together as a group, Scarlett at times would kiss Hunter in the face as they walked. Scarlett worked on her Door Manners as they got home, Cristian noticed Scarlett has the patience to wait but can't hold her position for long. What made today's training effective was having Scarlett accountable for her actions with redirections from the remote. Cristian was able to quickly redirect Scarlett into a sit at one point in the video with just his verbal cue, and Scarlett listened. Once Cristian signals a dog to walk through a door, he asks for a heel every time and they are off for a walk. Scarlett's cycle is still the same, easily cleanable and has not affected Scarlett's ability to train.


Pupdate 12/15/2022

Scarlett went to a park in Cerritos to work on more obedience training with some trainer's from offleash. Scarlett at time's was distracted working around some of the dogs she saw today, but there were ducks and geese at the park and Scarlett had no trouble being around the birds. Scarlett worked on her place, sit, down and leash dragging. Scarlett would sometimes come behind Cristian to get on his right side, but Cristian redirected her to stay on his left so she keeps a well mannered heel. Scarlett was working on extended sits and downs to hold them for two minutes until she was given her break. Towards the end of the visit at the park Scarlett was falling asleep before leaving from having so much fun. Scarlett's cycle is still the same, during the day it's very minimal but once she's asleep and wakes up in the morning the picture above shows the usual amount Cristian finds on a day to day basis.


Pupdate 12/16/2022

Scarlett went to the Citadel Outlets to work on her obedience commands around distractions. During the visit Scarlett got a lot of compliments on how well behaved she was, even letting people greet her without moving when practicing greeting manners. Cristian walked around the Outlets and found a spot to work on Scarlett's down with duration. Scarlett did well only getting up once or twice and continued this practice at different areas of the shopping center with the leash on. Before Cristian left, he and Scarlett went to the food court to relax and Scarlett ended up falling asleep again before leaving. Scarlett's cycle is still ongoing but seems less active today, not much to clean as of previous days.


Pupdate 12/17/2022

Scarlett went to Hillcrest Park in Fullerton with Hunter in the morning for a walk, both heeling together for the majority of the walk. Once they got home they got to have breakfast and both decided to take a nap after eating. When Scarlett woke up Cristian wanted to practice some crate training since Scarlett was against going into the crate when she first arrived. On the first day visiting her trainer's house it took Scarlett about ten to fifteen minutes before she independently made the choice to go in. Now Scarlett doesn't mind going in since she knows the crate is an area of her space, even going in her crate when she knows she's about to eat, also Scarlett has picked up this habit now of wanting to eat in the crate. Cristian doesn't leave the door closed because he wants Scarlett to know she has a choice to stay in or out, but she decides to stay in now until she's given her break. Scarletts cycle is consistent with a lesser amount today, still easily cleanable and has not interrupted training for her.


Pupdate 12/18/2022

Scarlett woke up in a mood today, crying in her crate, Cristian thinks it's due to her cycle. When they went for a walk, she was fine using the restroom and continuing her walk for the hour they went on. When Cristian practiced some obedience training at Hillcrest Park, she was stressed out practicing her recall. For her other obedience commands, she didn't listen for the moment but would be redirected and commit to her obedience commands. In the video its clear at time's Scarlett decides she's done working; Cristian did give her a 10-minute break to finish the practice and even after the break she didn't want to listen. Everyday Scarlett has been over she has been fine and never like this so it’s possible she's just having a bad day due to her cycle, but as she works later in the day, she was still willing to practice her obedience with some struggle of staying committed. Small droplets have only been noticeable today, no blood has been seen in the crate this morning.


Pupdate 12/19/2022

Scarlett went to Boysen park in Anaheim today to work on offleash walking around distractions, some of the other trainers were there as well so Scarlett worked around other dogs. Scarlett was in a better mood than yesterday, listening to all the commands I asked for and being able to work longer today without falling asleep. The only time Scarlett got up from a down was when I went to the restroom so I had Sheena watch Scarlett while I was gone. She did inform me that Scarlett went all the way up to higher numbers on the E-collar to get her back into her down. I will start small to show Scarlett outside that I can leave her view of sight without her having to get up, even though at home Scarlett can do this with ease, the challenge is outside to keep Scarlett confident in any situation with her owner. Very low droplets off blood today, no issue with training today.


Pupdate 12/20/2022

Scarlett got to go on two walks today in the morning before practicing her offleash obedience training with me. She did really well for not getting up and moving from her down when I hid myself from her view, she kept her sit and as I walked up I redirected her to go back into her down. Scarlett's recall looks a lot better today, she was able to come around even if she passed too far from me. A simple use of the remote can help navigate Scarlett back into her sit when coming around me or anyone who wants to train her. The goal for the next couple of days is to keep Scarlett in a down or sit and leave her view without her getting up to help really challenge her and make her confident in any situation.


Pupdate 12/21/2022

Scarlett and I went for a solo trip to Home Depot in Anaheim today to work on leash dragging and offleash obedience. Scarlett had a fun time walking throughout the store staying close to my side listening to her heel command. We practiced extended downs by each entrance to be used for the traffic of people coming in and out of a store. One family came up to us and was amazed at how calm and sweet Scarlett was behaving with all the people walking around us. Before the family left the mom wanted to say hi to Scarlett so with my permission I allowed them to say hi to her and she stayed still while being petted. Scarlett had no troubles performing any obedience commands today. Scarlett's cycle is still on going but the amount of blood has decreased daily Friday, not as much as the first week but rarely noticeable. Her cycle is still ongoing, Scarlett was given a new blanket in the morning after this picture was taken, she is still happy as of today training and playing with Hunter.


Pupdate 12/22/2022

Scarlett went to a park in La Habra today to work on offleash obedience and condition her greeting manners better when being approached by guests. Andy who is another trainer with offleash helped being an example of what to do when meeting a dog for the first time. I ask Scarlett for a sit and praise her before allowing Andy to walk up to pet her how he likes. At times Scarlett does get up but is redirected with a sit so that Andy can continue to pet her in a more relaxed manner. Scarlett is very sweet and loves to engage with any human she is allowed to meet but needs to control her impulses to get up when sitting down she can have the same reward. Her Cycle is still the same, low quality of blood as usual and easily cleanable.


Pupdate 12/23/2022

Today Me and Scarlett went to Santa Monica to work on offleash obedience. She was energetic when we first arrived so I had taken her around the pier numerous times to get her a little acclimated to start on offleash. Scarlett did really well walking with me offleash, even when we went by the shopping centers that had a good amount of people she was able to stay close to me without drifting off far. Only once when a dog and their owner was passing by the dog was barking and almost came up to Scarlett, so I had redirected her by asking for a heel and just turning almost going into a full circle to distract Scarlett. She was fine after that and relaxed for the remainder of the time while we stayed. Scarlett's cycle might have stopped today or last night but I will still update this tomorrow to see if there is anything new, no blood noticeable today.


Pupdate 12/24/2022

Scarlett got to walk with Hunter early in the morning, had her breakfast and did obedience training before having some play time with Hunter. I have been recording each time they have played except the first time I stayed close to them to not interact in any inappropriate ways, but Hunter and Scarlett were best friends the moment they got to play with each other. Hunter has always been nice to each dog that I have boarded with me and has never had a problem trying to bring out the confidence in his new friends staying with us, but Scarlett has always been a positive minded dog working with her so I knew after the first time they played they would always continue this each time I give them play time. Once I take both of them out of the crates to play I have them wait by my kitchen until I open the door leading towards my backyard. Once I say break they come running outside to play and only last about 10 minutes before Scarlett gets tired and lays down. Her cycle is still ongoing, I found some small droplets of blood only once today.


Pupdate 12/25/2022

Scarlett got her daily exercise and play time with Hunter this morning. She has learned all of her obedience commands so I wanted to teach her something new and fun. Today I took the time to teach her spin which is more of a trick but can be used for obedience training in situations if Scarlett was to get distracted, instead of asking for a sit you could ask for a spin. When I was teaching her this I used treats because she is very food motivated and it's easy to help motivate Scarlett. The goal is to just extend your arm as far out as you can going into a circular motion. At times when I would practice this with her I would pretend I have a treat and keep my fist closed as if I grabbed one still to have Scarlett still complete the command, but she would notice and get distracted by not completing the spin. By grabbing the leash I can assist her to keep going but I want her to complete this without having my help.


Pupdate 12/26/2022

Scarlett went to a park with me in Orange today to work on her last day of offleash obedience. She did well doing every command while practicing her obedience around the other trainer's and their dogs. We even had two police officers stop by us and give us comments on how well Scarlett's training is, they were amazed to see a Rottweiler listen and be obedient since its not everyday you see a well trained Rottweiler. We helped the other trainer's as well as being distractions for the other dogs. Scarlett had one droplet again from her cycle noticeable this morning, very easy to clean. Today is the last day of her training and she has completed her two week board and train program! She is excited to see her Owner tomorrow!



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