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Sasha | Labradoodle | Los Angeles, CA | In-Training

Sasha, a six month old Labradoodle, has joined Off Leash SoCal for our Three Week Board and Train program. Sasha's owners struggle with Sasha's jumping to greet, play biting, not walking properly on leash, being easily distracted, and having little knowledge of commands. Over the three weeks Sasha will be working on her off leash obedience and manners. Join us to see her progress!


Pupdate 8/20/2023

Sasha is settling in well at my home. She was a little nervous to get out of the car at first and meet her new friends, but once she got to smell around, she became very excited and curious. Sasha got to have some fun in the rain while she ran around the yard and played with her friends. She is making herself right at home!


Pupdate 8/21/2023

Today Sasha and I stayed home for training. I introduced and conditioned her to the e-collar and taught her place, sit, and break. She was comfortable and confident going onto the place cot, and was quick to learn the meaning of 'place'. She was a little stubborn, not wanting to listen, but I made sure she followed through with her new commands. We still need to work on her duration and focus, but she will continue to improve with more practice. Overall, Sasha had a great first day of training!


Pupdate 8/22/2023

Today Sasha and I trained at Ronald Reagan park. We continued to work on her place and sit but this time with more duration and distractions. She did very well holding her commands longer but she would get distracted by the dogs and people walking around. Sasha learned to place on objects other than the cot which shows she is better understanding the command. Sasha also learned two new commands which were down and heel. She did 'down' very well on the cot, but was unsure doing 'down' on the grass and concreate. 'Down' can be a vulnerable position for dogs, so working Sasha first on the cot will build her confidence to 'down' on other surfaces. With heel, at first Sasha pullled on the leash, not wanting to follow my direction. We want Sasha to be in the heel position when walking which is her ears next to my leg on my left side. We do not want her too far away as well to allow her to have her full attention on me when walking. Sasha did well learning heel and with more practice she will improve!


Pupdate 8/23/2023

Today Sasha and I went to Huntington Beach. She was a little overwhelmed with all the distractions. We continue to work on heel, place, down, and sit. She’s doing well holding her sit and down longer and I can start creating more distance between us. She is also improving on her heel. Even with the distractions she did not walk ahead of me but we can work on her staying closer to my side.


Pupdate 8/24/2023

Today Sasha and I worked at home. She needs a little more practice with less distractions around. I taught her a new command which is come to sit. Since this is new to her I won’t be using the e-collar until she starts to understand the command. Here I want her to come, walk around me, and sit on my heel side which is the left. I want her sit to be close to my leg with her ear lined up to my leg as well. She is struggling on sitting right next to me. Sasha likes to sit a little further back and sometimes turns and faces me, but we will continue to practice on her positioning. We are also still working on commands she already knows.  Her favorite command to do is place. Sasha is showing great improvement!


Pupdate 8/25/2023

Sasha and I had some fun in the sun at Hacienda park today. In the video you will hear some verbal feedback. We continued to work on the commands she already knows while also adding more duration. When Sasha doesn’t want to do something she likes to throw a tantrum, but I made sure she followed through with her commands. She is understanding come to heel more, but I noticed she likes to back up when she sits instead of being lined up to my leg. To help her positioning I like to practice next to a wall or lure her with treats. I know she will soon improve like she is with all her other commands!


Pupdate 8/26/2023

Sasha and I trained at Lowe’s today. She did a lot better with all the distractions, such as people and loud noises around her. We are working on her door manners. When walking into Lowe’s, she wanted to run into the sliding doors before me. I made Sasha sit at the door and wait till I had walked in first. She had gotten many compliments on how cute and well behaved she is. She is better at doing come to sit and is starting to position herself closer to my leg instead of backing up like she use to. She still is throwing her tantrums when she doesn’t want to do something but I am making sure to hold her accountable to following her commands. She is also getting better on her duration and distance even without me holding the leash. Soon Sasha will be ready to heel without a leash as well!


Pupdate 8/27/2023

Today Sasha joined me for a little shopping at Whittwood Town Center. She is doing very well with all her commands with more distractions around as well! Now Sasha is heeling without me holding the leash. She is also holding her sit, down, and place longer with also more distance between us. We are working on Sasha's send away to place where I stand further from the object I want her to place on. I first have to introduce the object and ask her to place when I am close, but once she is comfortable we can create distance and she will send away to place. I also introduced a new command to Sasha, 'under'. Here I want her to go under an object and be in a down position. We first practice with some treats, which she was very excited for, then with just leash pressure. She had caught on quick to this command as well.

Other things Sasha is working on is door and car manners. Sasha likes to rush into the car or or through doors before me. To work on this, I like to have Sasha sit and wait till I enter or exit a door, then I ask her to come once I am through. These little commands are great for preventing Sasha to run out a door or jump out the car when she is not suppose to. Sasha is having fun going to all these new places and she is learning and improving more and more each day!



Today Sasha and I trained on Birch Street in Brea. We focused more on the 'under' command to get Sasha comfortable going under different objects. She is starting to understand what 'under' means, but Sasha likes to cheat sometimes and only go halfway. As we practiced more, she started to go fully under. She has become very good at her duration and distance! Sasha also got to show off to the people around how well she is heeling without me holding the leash.

She got more compliments today on how well behaved she was being.

I have also introduced the button for when she has to go potty. I first wanted her to understand how to press the button, so I assisted her paw a few times, pressed the button, and gave her a treat. Once she learns how to press it, I will start to incorporate opening the door for her to go out.


Pupdate 8/29/2023

Sasha and I went to City Terrace Park to train today. She got to work around some of her furry friends. She did very well staying focused even with all the distractions. Sasha is getting better at 'under' but she sometimes gets it confused with place. We will continue to work on it just like all her other commands. Sasha is also showing improvement on her come to sit recall with a lot more distance, and also her send away to place. Each day we will continue to create

more distance


Pupdate 8/30/2023

Sasha joined me for some more shopping at the Cerritos Mall today. She's doing great with all her commands without me holding the leash. Even around all the distractions she is staying focused. One thing we need to work on is Sasha's greeting manners. She's been doing well not jumping, but she still gets excited and likes to break the sit command when being pet.

We still are working on Sasha ringing the potty bell at home. Instead of the button we had switched to a bell which has worked better for her. She has not had any accidents in the crate or in the house. Overall Sasha is doing a great job with all her training!


Pupdate 8/31/2023

Sasha worked on her off leash obedience today at Hacienda Park. She is doing great following through with all her commands. There was even a dog who wanted to play, but Sasha held her place and stayed focused on me. We are still working on send away to place and adding more distance. At home, she does this very well on the cot, but with new objects she needs a little more practice. I had her place on the park bench to get her familiar with the object, then with each repetition, I took a step back and asked her to place again. We are also working on Sasha improving on under. She has gotten better at fully going under the object, but we are still working on her holding the command.


Pupdate 9/1/2023

Sasha and I went on yet another shopping trip, but this time to the Block of Orange. She got to show off all her off leash skills to the people. She did good walking past dogs and people who tried to get her attention as they walked by. Her friends also got to join her while she trained today. We had gone into a busy store and while a boy was petting Sasha’s friend, Sasha stayed relaxed in her down command. We are still practicing her door manners at each store we went into. She is doing great not rushing into doors before me. At home today, we also continued to practice the bell when she is let out of her crate.


Pupdate 9/2/2024

Sasha and I went back to Whittwood to train today. We continue to work on all her commands as usual. Sasha also joined me to go see my family. She did very well greeting everybody. She did not jump or bite. The only time Sasha had gotten mouthy was when she wanted to play, which is normal for puppies. I had corrected her using the e-collar while saying off. Another thing to do is turn away and ignore her. When pushing dogs away, they can mistaking it for play.


Pupdate 9/3/2023

Sasha got to work with my sister today on the potty bell. Sasha had an understanding on how to touch the bell, but she was struggling on when to ring it. We had used treats to get Sasha excited since we aren’t using the e-collar to train her this. We would tell Sasha “potty” or “go potty” to have her ring the bell, then she began to ring it by herself. We then added in opening the door,  walking her out, then giving a treat. Each morning before Sasha is let out, we will continue to implement her ringing the bell.


Pupdate 9/4/2023

Sasha and I trained at the Citadel Outlets. It was a very busy day here, so Sasha got to work around a lot of distractions. A few kids came to pet Sasha and she did so well sitting and staying calm. She also did well not reacting to any dogs, even the ones who were barking at her. Sasha has been doing a great job with all her training! 


Pupdate 9/5/2023

Sasha and I trained at La Miranda Regional Park today. We worked on her send away to place. She is doing a great job on her distance! Sometimes Sasha can get distracted from smelling the ground, but I make sure that she follows through with the command. We also got to work around lots of dogs and she did well staying focused! 


Pupdate 9/6/2023

Sasha and I trained at Parnell Park today. She also got to meet some more of my family as well. She has been doing great with her greeting manners! My family said Sasha is so well behaved and so cute. She also got to have some fun and play around with everyone.


Pupdate 9/7/2023

Sasha and I came back to Huntington Beach to train. The first time Sasha came to the beach she was easily distracted and unsure about her surroundings. Today Sasha kept her focus and followed through with all her commands. She did get scared when a skateboard road past her, but we continued to work around those distractions to build Sasha’s confidence.


Pupdate 9/8/2023

Today Sasha and I worked at home on her food manners, door manners, and potty bell. Just because food is on the ground, does not mean Sasha can have it. This teaches her not to pick up unwanted things off the floor. For door manners, this teaches Sasha that she can not run out the door once it is open. This is great for when you want to take Sasha out, she will sit patiently till you are ready to heal walk her out. Sasha  is also doing great with the potty bell. Instead of treats, I open the door and get her excited to go outside. Sasha can’t wait to go home to show off what she has learned!


Pupdate 9/9/2023

Sasha got to take the day off and have some fun in the sun today with all her friends. We first started off the morning with a bath to get Sasha ready to go home tomorrow. After that she ran around, playing with her friends. She has done a great job with her training. Sasha can’t wait to go home to see her family and show you what she has learned!


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