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Sammy | Mutt | Los Angeles, CA | In-Training

Meet Sammy! An energetic Mutt from Los Angeles, CA. Sammy came to us for our 2 Week Board & Train program since he needs proper basic obedience outside, likes to jump when excited, and has a habit at barking at people and dogs, and play biting. All these help indicate normal puppy energy and behavior which is common but not proper manners. Over the next two weeks Sammy will visit new environments and begin proper socializing to transform Sammy into a new pup for his family. Check up daily to see his 2 week transformation.


Pupdate 10/2/2022

Sammy got to meet his trainer today and settle in for his first day on board & train. He did ok meeting everyone in the house, including Cristians personal dog. Once Sammy was in a crate he did start to whine but after 30 minutes or so he began to settle in his crate. Sammy went on another walk later on in the day to release some energy and get to warm up with Cristian. Sammy did not eat the following night.


Pupdate 10/3/2022

Sammy worked on his obedience today, also being introduced to the E-Collar. Today's focus was just to maintain the walk learning heel, even come to sit. Sammy only started today but later on he went for another walk to practice around the neighborhood but he is still uncertain on how long to stay next to his handlers side. Random noises keep him uneasy but they worked through some of those challenges. Other times Sammy would drift off to smell the grass to pee. Sammy is eating as well.


Pupdate 10/4/2022

Sammy got exercise today and focused on his door manners, as well as practicing his basic obedience. Sammy is persistent at times to keep getting up from a sit during practice, but after some time passed Sammy started to hold his composure making it easier for him to sit while distractions are going on. During the beginning of the practice Sammy was always distracted listening to dogs barking around the neighborhood so it was important to keep working Sammy to keep his engagement with Cristian consistent. After time went on Sammy kept his attention on Cristian and began to be more obedient towards the practice, going through the door calmly.


Pupdate 10/5/2022

Sammy took a trip to the local pet store in Fullerton today for some obedience with distractions. Sammy was easily distracted being in the store but as he was working he started to seem confident with listening to his handler inside the store. During the training, Cristian and Sammy would walk around the store and random noises around the store always kept Sammy curious and eager to look around. Cristian asked Sammy for a place, sit and down command while they were there giving Sammy the opportunity to listen and absorb the environment as it is. As time went on Sammy started to settle and kept himself close to his handler the remainder of the visit. Sammy also went with Cristian to pick up his brother from school, this is where Sammy started to really act differently in public. He is too fixated on kids being released from school, breaking his position, not caring about training, even almost lunging at a child running. Cristian did help Sammy with this fixation and was able to keep Sammy calm and walk him through kids being picked up by their parents and return safely back to the car after Cristian's brother was picked up.


Pupdate 10/6/2022

Sammy had a little accident, going poop in his crate middle of the night but wasn't too much and still poops outside in the grass in the morning. Sammy is eating normal but will eat less just in case it's not diarrhea, Cristian gave him a shower and cleaned him off in the morning. Cristian took Sammy to a local park to practice the place command to help keep Sammy in one spot rather than leaving when he's asked to be placed somewhere. Sammy had a habit of trying to go under the table or stopping to not continue his obedience, but he was redirected every time by his handler. Soon after they spent some time walking alongside the dog park that was near them and practice heel with distractions. The dogs in the park came up to the gate and alarmed Sammy which he had to work through with his handler. After a couple repetitions of heel Sammy was comfortable with the dogs in the park and could continue his walk. Sammy will receive extra potty breaks every couple hours.


Pupdate 10/7/2022

Sammy had runny stool last night and is going to be given pumpkin included in his diet to help with his digestive system. He is still happy and wanting to play, so this isn't stopping him from training. Sammy went on a trip to Home Depot to work on socializing and practicing obedience with distractions. When Sammy first arrived with his handler it was obvious he was somewhat nervous as entering the store, more noises and distractions started to occur. Cristian walked Sammy throughout the store multiple times, practicing extended sits and downs to let Sammy desensitize himself with the environment. At times there were moments he would break command and run back to Cristian but rather than letting Sammy do that Cristian kept asking Sammy for extended downs and kept reading the room as it is. By the end of the visit Sammy was walking through the store with a little bit more confidence not trying to look around as much.


Pupdate 10/8/2022

Sammy's stool is slowly starting to get better and holding in his stool to still go outside on the grass. Sammy went to one park in the morning close to Cristian's house to practice his obedience, also later in the day Sammy practiced his loose leash walking with Cristians little brother who has been helping train Sammy for certain scenarios since Sammy belongs to family with multiple children, it always important for a child to help structure obedience in a dogs life. Sammy had no trouble listening to Nicolas, practicing door manners as well as drop it when Sammy has a toy in his mouth.


Pupdate 10/9/2022

Sammy's stool is slowly getting better and having structure to it again. Sammy went to the Outlets of Orange to practice his obedience, as well as greeting manners since Sammy is somewhat nervous of people at times. He did really well overall, in the beginning he seemed very hesitant being around a numerous amount of people going in every direction all at once, but remained close to his handler's side the whole time. Sammy went into a couple of stores being greeted but showing nervousness when people wanted to say hi, so instead of letting Sammy be nervous, Cristian would go step by step with greeters on letting Sammy smell them first then giving him a quick butt rub after letting him smell them. Sammy actually started to show confidence when being engaged with another person he never met. For the remainder of the time there Sammy was meeting and greeting people who wanted to see him, slowly bringing his confidence up!


Pupate 10/10/2022

Sammy went to a park in Santa Ana today to focus on more distraction work and leash dragging. Sammy did really well with leash dragging around other trainers and their dogs acting as distractions. Sammy's also focused on his extended down and sit, to help enable Sammy keeping his position whenever asked the two commands. Sammys recall is still being worked while at home it's easy to do he has no troubles doing the task, but outside he can still get distracted when going around his handler to find the spot he's supposed to sit in. After a couple repetitions of this practice, Sammy started to pull through as always.


Pupdate 10/11/2022

Sammy went to a local park in Fullerton today to practice more leash dragging to off leash walking. Sammy stays by his handlers side, but is very slow at keeping the same pace at times. Cristian helps motivate Sammy to keep a pace by sprint walking or even talking a couple of steps real fast to imitate that he's gonna run so Sammy tries to stay motivated keeping the pace. Sammy also focused on keeping his extended sit in front of a playground while a party for kids was going on. Sammy does well keeping his position but fast paced movements still keep him nervous at times, but he was redirected by his handlers to keep his sit until he was given his break command. There was one point where Sammy started to feel ok when kids were running around him. Also greeting some of the kids who were nearby and pet Sammy after he started to settle better around the crowd of people. Sammy was getting compliments on how well behaved he was not barking at the other dogs barking at him.


Pupdate 10/12/2022

Sammy focused on his food manners in the morning, also later in the evening to help condition his obedience for when he is asked and told when he's allowed to eat. Sammy typically breaks from his position when asked for a sit or a down, but with the help of the E-collar he has been starting to be more patient even if he's off leash and wandering around confused on why he can't have his food yet. Only consistent repetitions of having Sammy sit or downs does help relax him to be more motivated to wait. As his handler tries to involve distractions to see if Sammy would get up from his sit or down, he would. Cristian kept Sammy redirected back into a come or sit if he would fail, but eventually would start to feel confident the longer he had distractions.


Pupdate 10/13/2022

Sammy went for a small tour at Home Depot again in the morning, going for a walk around the store leash dragging. Sammy did well going around the store, besides being skeptical of a forklift that passed by them, he did get nervous but just bumped into his handlers leg. For most of the day Sammy was practicing his off leash obedience around Cristian's house for improved off leash obedience. Then the remainder of the day he spent playing with hunter who Sammy was nervous of for the first two days of being boarded. They have been the best of friends since Sammy's confidence went up, playing and wrestling with each other nonstop when they get the chance.


Pupdate 10/14/2022

Sammy went to the Block of orange to work on off leash walking and obedience. Sammy did really well for every part of the training he did today. Cristian had noticed over the time of boarding, he is oddly nervous around males with collared shirts but women and children he is completely fine when around Sammy. In the video it's clear the two men behind Sammy gets him nervous to the point he gets up. Cristian keeps Sammy consistent with his obedience outside regardless if there is a male with a collared shirt around him, this will help keep his confidence up for future events.


Pupdate 10/15/2022

Sammy has learned all of his obedience training by this point of the week, Cristian decided to take upon his time and show Sammy an extra command for when he goes home. What Sammy is displaying in the video is under, which is to be placed under a table or bench for any type of public setting. The goal of this is for Sammy just to put himself down after being told under, which he does but is still learning to condition. Later in the day Sammy's stool started to come out as runny, so Cristian provided Sammy with rice and pumpkin again to help his stomach.



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