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Sammy | German Shepard | Burbank, CA

Sammy is a GORGEOUS 6 month old German Shepard girl here for our 2 week board and train with me! She has some issues her dad is hoping we can help work her through! She is pretty reactive on leash and to other dogs and people. She is also not yet potty trained! I am confident we can get her to a place where she can be happy dog and her dad can be a happy owner! She is so smart, and did I mention pretty? I love her already, and can’t wait to get started! Stay tuned for her progress!


Pupdate 5/16/2021:

Today was Sammy’s first day with me. I fell in love immediately and know we are going to be the best of friends. She warmed up to me pretty fast! We were playing within 15 minutes of working together. Usually I don’t work dogs too much or post content at night; however, due to how reactive Sammy is, I wanted to work her when there was the least amount of people and dogs around so I could have as much of her concentration as possible. I didn’t work her too hard today, my main goal was to get her starting to get her accustomed to the e collar, me, and the new environment. In the video it might look like I’m just doing random loops back and forth. What I am doing is just trying to get her attention on me and her centered and concentrated on me so I can gradually move her into heel. You can start to see her start to fall next to my left leg and walk with me, which is exactly what I want her to be doing for heel. She is pretty good at sit already so I used that to grab her attention when I saw something she would react to before she did. She ate all her dinner and had pretty solid poop for her first day! Stay tuned for her next Pupdate since tom I won’t be so easy on her!


Pupdate 5/17/2021:

Today was not easy for Sammy, but she did great! She needs a lot of work on all her commands still, but her reactivity is already significantly dropped. I had her out and walking around the block and in my complex and she didn’t bark at the people or the other dogs after the first few minutes of our first walk today. She still has a great apatite and we are working a lot, so I’m going to up her food intake just by 1/2 cup at dinner. Stay tuned for tomorrow‘s Pupdate!


Pupdate 5/18/2021

Today was a really productive day! We met at a park in Hacienda Heights with some of the other trainers and worked a bunch. We did mostly place work today. She is nailing it. We did some heel work as well and she is getting much better walking with me. I introduced her to down as well but she is very anxious it’s a submissive command so I didn’t push it while she is still getting her confidence up. We worked a lot on her reactivity and it’s SO much better. She hard reacted to anyone or any dog! Stay tuned for tomorrows progress!


Pupdate 5/19/2021:

Today we met up with other Off Leash trainers, Mike, and Kindra, and all the pups they are currently training. We met up at the tennis courts at Griffith Park and walked around a lot in the area. We worked a BUNCH on heel today and Sammy is already starting to master it. She still needs lots of work but she is making significant progress every day. We did a few place commands, but she is a pro at it already so we didn’t spend too much time with that command. We did a decent amount of sits and downs as well as some duration downs. She is doing so well with reacting that we brought her with us and all the dogs to a Starbucks! She was great! Not a single bark! Stay tuned for her progress tomorrow.


Pupdate 5/20/2021:

Today we worked more on heel and place. We stayed around the neighborhood and complex for the most part to dial her in before going to places with higher distraction levels. Tomorrow we will be going somewhere more public. She is eating great and is having regular solid bowel movements. She hasn’t gone potty inside or in her crate at all! Stay tuned for tomorrows progress!


Pupdate 5/21/2021:

Today kicked Sammy's butt. We went to Glendale and did a bunch of reps of heel and come. She was pooped. Later in the day we went to my neighborhood park and practiced all our commands. Sammy is best at place! We started working more on distance and duration down. She has been eating great and sleeping a lot. Sammy is warming up more everyday! Stay tuned for tomorrows progress!


Pupdate 5/22/2021:

We had such a good training day today! Sammy was such a good listener. She is doing so well with all her commands. She is barely reactive to any people or dogs as well. we worked around the neighborhood, but there were a lot of people and dogs out today so we had a great distraction level all day. Today was the first day Sammy went potty not outsid, but she was very good about letting me bathe her! I was very happy with the trust she gave me. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s progress!


Pupdate 5/23/2021:

Today went to an outdoor shopping center and Sammy blew my mind. She was absolutely incredible! She did so well with all her commands. She didn’t react in a negative way to any person, or animal. She even got a bunch of compliments on how good she was! I couldn’t be more proud. She has been having some pretty loose stool and didn’t eat much oltoday, I gave her some chicken to try to help. Stay tuned for tomorrows progress!


Pupdate 5/24/2021:

Today we went to another shopping center. Sammy was amazing and everyone was impressed. Her heel skill is doing so well and her recall is getting better every day. She still have some loose stool but is eating again! Stay tuned for tomorrows pupdate.


Pupdate 5/25/2021:

We went to a park with a bunch of other trainers. Sammy was so sweet to everyone! She even saw a couple squirrels and didn’t even try to bark. She had been having loose stool still but its getting more solid. Stay tuned for tomorrows progress.


Pupdate 5/26/2021:

Today was such a good day for Sammy! We met up with everyone at an outdoor shopping center down south and Sammy did amazing! She is almost completely off leash! You can see in the video that I drop the leash after the first few seconds. She is getting better everyday, her dad will be so proud of her on Sunday. We still have some work to do but she is doing exponentially better than when I got her. She is eating great and still had some soft stool due to stress, but that is normal and we have switched her to a chicken and rice and pumpkin diet which should help. Stay tuned for tomorrows Pupdate in Santa Monica!


Pupdate 05/28/2021

I picked up Sammy from Teya, We went to Santa Monica Pier were we got to work a lot on strengthening Sammy's basic commands such as Heel, Place, Come, Sit and Down. I started on her Heel command where I had her heeling on a long line to practice transitioning to off leash and having her staying focused on myself while walking in high distractions. She did an awesome job staying focused and executing her Heel!!!! I then practiced her Recall and positioning by letting her venture away from me and then calling her back to my left side. We then moved on the her Sit and Down where we practiced her transitions around strangers walking by and other dogs on leash! She did really good not getting frustrated or reactive while being in those environment! Sammy is such a sweet dog and great to work with and teach!


Pupdate 05/28/2021

Sammy worked really hard today getting ready to film her final video tomorrow!! She started off this morning at the Duck Park and then finished the afternoon working at Lowes! She didn't react to a single thing today, dog, squirrel, person, or new noise! She is going to be so excited to show off all her new skills to her dad on Sunday.


Pupdate 05/29/2021

Sneak Peak of Sammy's final video! Sammy has come so far in her Two Week Board and Train program! During her final video filming today she absolutely killed it. There were reactive dogs, children, skateboarders, and a kinds of new sounds and smells all of which she handled like a champ! She has been such a great dog to work with and to teach! She is so ready to show off her skills to her dad and the rest of the world! We are going to miss our Sammy so much!

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