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Sadie| Labrador| Chino, CA| In-Training

Sadie, 7 month Labrador, joined OffLeash SoCal for our Two Week Board and Train program! Sadie is such a sweet and docile puppy who is with us to work on Basic Obedience, Leash Manners, Impulse control, and building confidence in new environment! Stay tuned for more to on how Sadie is doing!


Pupdate 6/28/21

Today for Sadie's first full day with me, we went to a park and worked on shaping Heel, Sit, and a lot of confidence building routine! She is such a sweet girl and really wants to learn new things!


Pupdate 6/29/21

Today Sadie and I went to the park to work on her confidence with different surfaces and also incorporating Place command! She is doing amazing each day!


Pupdate 6/30/21

We went to the park to work on Heel, Sit, Recall. She is such a sweet girl who really want to learn and be working!


Pupdate 7/1/21

Today we went to Lowes and worked on Heel, Sit, Recall, and shaping Down! She is coming out of her shell and is such a goofy gentle pup!


Pupdate 7/2/21

Today we went to Westfield Century Mall and continued to strengthen Sadies commands while there were people and dogs walking by!


Pupdate 07/03/2021

Today we went to Santa Monica Promenade to continue strengthening her basic commands! She also got to work on her door manners at home once it got too hot! She is doing awesome!


Pupdate 7/4/21

We went to a park to continue working on Sadie’s basic obedience! She is doing really awesome and is such a fun dog to work with!


Pupdate 7/5/21

Today we continued working on strengthening Sadie’s basic obedience! She is doing awesome and loves to work and learn commands!


Pupdate 7/6/21

Went to Long Beach and worked on duration work and Place! Sadie is doing awesome with understanding her commands!


Pupdate 7/7/21

Today we went to the Mall and continued strengthening Sadie’s commands! She is doing really great around lots of people!


Pupdate 7/8/21

We went to work on building Sadie’s consistency with her commands while having distractions! She did amazing!


Pupdate 7/9/21

We went to the Mall and worked on basic commands with distractions! Sadie is doing really awesome with following through and focusing!


Pupdate 7/10/21

Today we worked on perfecting loadup for Sadie, and getting her comfortable getting inside of the car!

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