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Rue | 3 Year Old | Akita Mix | Santa Monica, CA | In-Training

Welcoming our newest Off Leash family member Rue to our two week board and train program! She is a very sweet girl who loves to play and socialize but has some room to improve in basic obedience skills. She has a small case of selective hearing so we will be focusing on the fundamentals to create a more solid foundation. She is very eager to begin training.


Pupdate 09/14/2020

Practicing the place command as an introduction to the E-Collar today. Rue picked up how it worked quickly. Very smart pup who is catching on fast.


Pupdate 09/15/2020

Rue out working on her heel command. Beating the heat getting an early jump on the day in these photos.


Pupdate 09/16/2020

Trip to an elementary school for some Heel practice with light distractions.


Pupdate 09/17/2020

Pepper and Rue out getting some training together. They both have to learn the difference between work and play time but they are getting the hang of not getting so distracted by eachother.


Pupdate 09/18/2020

Rue patrolling the yard. We have been practicing going potty on command so she goes in spots that are to my choosing rather than just wherever and whenever on our walk she feels like going.


Pupdate 09/19/2020

Rue got some work dragging the leash today as we transition to having her go off leash.


Pupdate 09/20/2020

Rue practicing the place command on a chair! I am impressed with her progression in confidence. On day 1 she was not willing to jump or even put her paws on this chair. Each new place object has a different smell, texture, and height which takes confidence and trust to jump up on! Great job Rue.


Pupdate 09/21/2020

Practicing out on the track today doing heel. Rue gets a bit nervous while walking out around distractions and during todays walk there were a lot of gardeners around us working with some machines. This made Rue scared and she tried to hide to get away from them. For this reason we have been practicing her off leash work by having her drag the leash and get used to not being controlled with leash pressure while still having the added safety of being able to pick up the leash and control her if she begins to stray away or run from something out of fear.


Pupdate 09/22/2020

Cheesing next to Pepper! Showing off her place skills on this rock.


Pupdate 09/23/2020


Pupdate 09/24/2020

Group practice! Learning to complete commands even around other pups.


Pupdate 09/25/2020

45.8lbs as of today! Rue has been getting her cardio on quite a bit with me. We walks on average about 4-5 miles total a day as heel is a command that requires practice to make perfect! It has been. Some final filming today that she worked hard on!


Pupdate 09/26/2020

Rue out enjoying our last day getting some off leash filming done! Really proud of Rue and her progress.


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