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Rudy| Pitbull Mix| 3 Years Old| Los Angeles| In Training

Pupdate 5/10/2020

Rudy's here for a week of camp! He's a sweet dude, with lots of love once he has some trust in you. Rudy was adopted from a shelter, and has a history of being reactive on leash with new people and dogs. He's here to learn obedience, and how to behave on leash properly, without lunging or jumping at people or dogs.

He went on a walk with a new friend once we got home. Rudy was a little nervous at first, and fluctuated between wanting to keep his distance from Morty, and wanting to jump towards him. After some walking around together, he calmed down enough to greet and sniff Morty, Rudy did a little play bow towards

him and then we kept walking. He's gotten the chance to explore the backyard and dog run, we did a little more walking one on one. We practiced our sit and come during the walk, along with leash manners too. He was nervous with me in the room at first with another dog crated in the room, but he's started to relax a bit and laid down while I put on some soft music. After a couple hours of decompressing we're gonna work on some more basics with a combo of treats and Ecollar.

Pupdate 5/12/2020

Rudy by some flowers on our morning walk. His leash manners have gotten better at the beginning of our walks, and he's starting to get the hang of heel, and sitting when we stop. We also started working on down, which took a while to make some progress with. He was a little uncertain about going down so we went slowly, using a combo of leash pressure, luring with treats, and a dash of patience. After 5 times practicing down we took a break to play with the ball. When he was feeling more upbeat we went back to practicing down and he seemed more comfortable with going down, and we made some progress with that.

Pupdate 5/14/2020

Rudy on our morning walk! He's getting better at holding commands, but he when he gets a bit overwhelmed he breaks command to try to nuzzle up against me for reassurance. When he does this, I put him back in the same position he was in, extend the duration he's holding it, and then give him a break with some calm affection.

Pupdate 5/16/2020

Today Rudy and I worked on all of our basics, and heel around the neighborhood. He started getting a bit overwhelmed after about 15 minutes so we took a break and relaxed outside before it started to get warm. Inside we worked on holding our basics with a combo of Ecollar, leash tension and treats. He had his meds this morning, he's going to get his second round of Flagyl with food after our third walk.



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