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Royal | German Shepherd Dog Training | Whittier, CA

Royal, a 5 month old German Shepherd from Whittier Ca recently completed his Balanced Canine Training SoCal 2 Week Board & Train dog training program. Royal was trained by Balanced Canine Training SoCal's dog trainer Michael Dark. See Royals progress below.


Pupdate 08/19/2019

3.5 mile heel to Starbucks

Pupdate 08/20/2019

Left turns are the fastest way to create the tight heel that we are looking for. Royal has gotten tired at this point; we worked for about 30 minutes for this video. His sit is sloppy, but he is comfortable so changing things may have little effect. Royal is a wonderful learner and is picking things up quickly.


Pupdate 08/21/2019

Took both of the boys last night to Chipotle for dinner. Not the best picture, but under the circumstances not horrible. Royal did very well out in public...he is definitely a fan favorite!

Working on the place and down command. The ask is for Royal to get on an object, in this case the cot, and simply sit. He was getting tired so we combined the down command. He was off leash and following commands for more than 20 minutes.


Pupdate 08/22/2019


Pupdate 08/23/2019

Day trip to Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade. Royal was on leash (as required by law), but he absolutely crushed!


Pupdate 08/24/2019


Pupdate 08/25/2019

Spent some time working at Home Depot. Royal, as has been the case, did very well. Royal was greeted by two employees and happily received praise and affection. Royal's single greatest challenge is with the "Place" command. While Royal will actively get onto dog beds or cots, he struggles with objects like the pallet (pictured) or a park bench. I think it has more to do with his age and not wanting to jump or not being able (in his mind) jump onto things. We will continue to work "Place" as Royal moves through the training. BTW, Royal was off leash in Home Depot most of the time!


Pupdate 08/26/2019


Pupdate 08/27/2019

Not always the best pictures, but this is last night in downtown Brea. Royal was completely off leash. He only got his tail wet at the fountain once and greeted a four year old girl. The four year old was eating ice cream and petting Royal. He didn't go for the ice cream- wish I could say the same for Oso.


Pupdate 08/29/2019

What do you do when your pup looks like a police dog in training??

Royal's sit is looking better. As he gets older and more control over his body the sit will look more proper

PUPDATE 08/30/2019

At the Grove today we met Officer Smith who thought Royal would make a great police K9. Yes, I know we have done this picture, but when LAPD stops you and engages you training canine it is worth noting.


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