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Roosevelt | Bernedoodle | Newhall, CA | In‐Training

Meet Roosevelt! He is a 1 year old Bernedoodle from Newhall, CA here for our Two Week Board and Train Program! He is a sweet, smart, and overly friendly pup, who even knows how to talk with a couple buttons! His friendly, playful, and curious nature does make him incredibly difficult to take in public as he will use all 85 pounds of his muscle to try and pull you to anything and everything he wants to see of investigate. He is also quite destructive in the house when he isn't getting the attention he wants from his parents, including digging, chewing, and even dragging his parents patio cushions inside through his doggy door! Stay tuned for his 14 day transformation!


Pupdate 06/13/2021

So far Mr. Ro is doing really well! We did some basic E-collar introduction today, teaching him that it means we are trying to get his attention and we're able to use that knowledge to work him around some passing pups! He is responding really well. He is great about the kennel in the car, he lays down and just relaxes! Around the house he is still getting used to not having complete freedom and whines here and there to say he is unhappy about not being the center of attention! He does calm down and relax pretty quickly though. He didn't want his dinner, but that's incredibly common on first nights! I'm sure he will work up an appetite tomorrow.


Pupdate 06/15/2021

Mr. Roosevelt did really well today! We worked mostly on building his recall, Heel, and generally getting his attention while outdoors. He progressed so well he was heeling with one of my trainers with only the end of his 15 foot leash in her hand! He isn't eating quite what he tends to eat at home yet, but he is eating. He is doing fantastic with his car rides, and is slowly but surely getting used to being kenneled in the house. Overall he had a great first day!


Pupdate 06/15/2021

Mr. Ro did great for day 2! He now has a basic understanding of all of his commands and is learning to focus on me even when there are interesting things going on around us! He is coming along very well and is a very smart and sweet boy. He is still having some anxiety about the kennel here and there but seems to be making progress with each passing hour! He is still not quite eating as much as I would like but it is enough. We are going to be upping the ante a bit with some more distractions tomorrow!


Pupdate 06/16/2021

Ro went to Home Depot today! He did fantastic. He was a little all over the place at first with the volume of new sights, smells, and people but it only took a couple repetitions to start getting him dialed in. Overall he did absolutely awesome. We primarily practiced his Heel command, generally it is easier for pups having a hard time filtering out distractions to do so while moving. It's like being on a diet! It's so much easier to say no to your favorite cheat meal if it's only briefly an option as opposed to right in front of you. He also ate better today. He ate 1/2 his breakfast and a little over a scoop for dinner. He is also growing significantly better about the kennel and is completely used to traveling in the car in it. When we were done with his lesson today he hopped right into the kennel and laid down to take a nap for the whole ride home!


Pupdate 06/17/2021

Ro went to the Huntington Beach Pier and an outdoor mall today! He was a bit squirrelly at first in both places with there being so much going on, but he did fantastic! I was even able to sit and have a cup of coffee with him in a down next to me at the mall with out any issues. He has come such a long way even in the first few days and I can't wait to see how far this guy is going to get in the next week and a half. His dry spots on his underside are looking a little red, most likely from all of the heat and stress of the past few days, so I am putting some anti biotic ointment for dogs on them and keeping a close eye just in case. He actually ate a full two scoops today and did awesome in the kennel last night!


Pupdate 06/18/2021

Look Mom and Dad, no leash! Mr. Ro did his main session at the Santa Monica Pier this morning and he did awesome! We got to do a bit of drooped leash work and Ro didn't miss a beat. He still gets quite over excited first thing out of the kennel, but he is only a year old and still quite the puppy despite his size! He is eating great, sleeping great, and getting better every day!


Pupdate 06/19/2021

It was pretty dang hot today so we went to Home Depot to train in the A/C! Mr. Ro did awesome. He is really getting down sitting politely for strangers who want to say hi, doing longer and longer durations of his commands, and generally just filtering out distractions!


Pupdate 06/20/2021

It was super hot today, so we did a bunch of short sessions with A/C breaks today. We worked on a little bit of everything and Ro did awesome! He was definitely a bit distracted in the heat, but he still made some great progress today and I was so proud!


Pupdate 06/21/2021

Mr. Roosevelt had a great session at the Grove this morning! He practiced all his commands with out any leash tension. He was a little squirrelly in the beginning as usual, but settled into the rhythm quickly. He also made a friend today! He finally was calm enough to be introduced to my pup Nico and they got along famously. Ro does try to mount occasionally and is being reminded to stay calm when he gets a bit rowdy, but they are loving zooming around the backyard together!


Pupdate 06/22/2021

Ro had a busy day today! He went to the street fair in Huntington Beach, where he worked on all of his commands in a SUPER distracting environment, and he got to meet and mini version of himself named Maui! They were instant best friends and have been romping around every chance they get! Ro can be a little intense sometimes but overall played really well today.


Pupdate 06/23/2021

Ro did two sessions today! We went over to Huntington Pier again before it got too hot out and then to a shopping center in the late afternoon. He did really well! He still can get a little flustered here and there but overall he has come such a long way from that pup that couldn't contain himself in a mildly busy park! He even seems to do almost better in the more distracting environments! He did his whole second lesson today OffLeash and I couldn't be prouder!


Pupdate 06/24/2021

Mr Roosevelt is coming along so well! He did both his long sessions today off leash and is doing all of his commands with some sassy flare! He has come so far in the last few days and has begun to have a great deep understanding of each command. I enjoy bringing him out everywhere we go!


Pupdate 06/25/2021

Mr. Roosevelt just showing off his OffLeash skills at Fashion Island! Getting compliments and stares everywhere we go. He is going to be so excited to show off for his parents in a few days!


Pupdate 06/26/2021

Ro worked at Century Mall today and he did great! He helped train some of the other dogs in training, got tons of compliments, and was practically a celebrity! He has come so far in the last two weeks and I am so proud.


Pupdate 06/27/2021

Mr. Ro's mini me goes home in the morning so they got extra playtime in today on top of their Irvine Spectrum session! He still isn't always sure when to tone it down when he is playing but we are working on it! These three boys are going to miss eachother so much!


Pupdate 06/28/2021

Here is a sneak peak of Mr. Ro's final video! He did so well! He was turning heads with every step!

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