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Rex| German Short Hair Pointer| Fontana, CA| In-Training

Meet Rex, a 2 year old German Pointer who is enrolled in OffLeash SoCal Two Week Board and Train Program! He loves to pull his owners on walks, jumps on people, and is overly excited around other dogs. Stay tuned for his 2 week transformation!


Pupdate 6/28/21

Today we worked on just basic leash manners and impulse control! Since Rex is a 70lb dog, it’s crucial for him to learn manners!


Pupdate 6/29/21

We worked on Heel, Duration Sit, Recall, and Place! He is learning more and more each day about being more aware of his surrounding!


Pupdate 6/30/21

Today Rex and I went to the park and worked on his Heel, Sit, and we added some duration work with his commands! We also practiced some place once it got too hot outside!


Pupdate 7/1/21

Today we went to Lowes and worked on Heel, Sit, Down and Recall while cars drove by!


Pupdate 7/2/21

Today we went to Westfield Century Mall to continue strengthening Heel, Down, Sit, Place, and Recall! We also worked his doing all his commands with dogs passing by and keeping him calm so he doesn’t react.


Pupdate 7/3/21

Today we went to Santa Monica Promenade and worked on all of Rex’s commands while on a longline! He is doing really awesome and learning very quickly!


Pupdate 7/4/21

We went to the park and continued strengthening Rex’s commands and reliability! He is doing really well staying focused on me and not being too distracted by people!


Pupdate 7/5/21

Rex and I worked on his reliability with his commands on the longline! He is doing AMAZING and has been such a good dog!


Pupdate 7/6/21

Today we worked hard on his duration work with lots of distractions! He did awesome and is coming along very well!


Pupdate 7/7/21

Today we worked on transferability with Rex at the mall! This is super important that he must listen to whomever is working him! He did amazing and responded very well and performed perfectly!


Pupdate 7/8/21

We went to the mall to work on strengthening all of Rex’s commands! He is doing super awesome staying focused and calm!


Pupdate 7/9/21

We worked on basic obedience with distractions at Santa Monica Pier.


Pupdate 7/10/21

We worked on perfecting Rex’s loadup for the car! He has come so far in his training!


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