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Ranger | 2 Years Old | Flat Coated Retriever | Norco| In Training

Pupdate 2/16/2020

Rangers kicking off our 2 week camp with a great first day. After pick up, we came back to explore the back yard and get to know each other. After a bit of decompressing we went to a local park to introduce the E Collar on our walk. He did really well, and his loose leash manners are good. We worked on recall along with other basics at the park too, we'll introduce place tomorrow.


Pupdate 2/18/2020

Ranger drinking from the small fountain at the park today! We worked on our basics around some people walking by, and our leash manners too. We walked about 2 miles and then headed home to relax in the sunshine for a bit.


Pupdate 2/20/2020

Goofy bud after our evening walk. We walked around the neighborhood while all the kids were walking home, and he was pretty excited about all the commotion but kept heeling when corrected with the ecollar. We had a nice walk after training at home, and some playtime, followed by dinner.


Pupdate 2/22/2020

Ranger during our afternoon walk after training in the front yard. He's been getting better about not jumping up on people, and mouthing so much.


Pupdate 2/24/2020

Ranger danger at the Home Depot practicing his down stays. We worked on heel, and place a bit too. He loves to try getting up to greet people, but he's slowly learning that if he stays down, he'll get to say hi to them after he's calm.


Pupdate 02/25/2020


Pupdate 2/26/2020

Mr. Ranger got a quick rinse tonight after rolling around in some dirt in my front lawn. We spent our day practicing our basics with dog distractions at home, and then went to Corona Crossings again to work around the evening crowds.



Pupdate 2/28/2020

Working around Hollywood Boulevard today! We practiced our heel, along with our basics. He got a lot little overwhelmed by all the noises but did pretty good.


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