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Quinn | 2 years old | Airedale Terrior | Los Angeles, CA | In Training

Update #5

Started to rain again so we took it the Home Depot. Work work work! Rain or shine we make it happen and she did amazing! All commands with all the distractions!


Update #4

She’s such a happy excited pup! Only if you can see her tail wag, you’ll know how much she’s happy with her training! Here she’s doing a “Place” command on a cot. At first she didn’t like the feeling of being on it till after several tries, she conquered that confidence to get on it and hold a Sit. Tomorrow we’ll be working on some dog and people distractions!


Update #3

Distraction work is getting better. Her Anxiety is calming down due to her gaining confidence in the obedience training. Her commands are getting sharper now it’s only to make it better and maintain!


Update #2

Taking training to Home Depot for some distraction work since shes spun up with most of her commands! She has such a great drive to learn so much! Working on her duration commands to stay put in one spot while distractions are happening all at once. So far she’s doing great!


Update #1

Meet Quinn, she’s a very loving pup that loves getting attention from people and loves playing with other dogs. The concerns from the owner are that she isn’t obedient to his commands and she has separation anxiety when she’s left alone. We will be building confidence with her to learn the 7 commands and to be relaxed more when left alone. Stay tuned for the next two weeks of her progres!



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