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Princess | Pitbull | Pico Rivera, CA | In-Training

Meet Princess, the 7 month old Pitbull from Pico Rivera, CA who is here for a Two -Week Board and Train Program. Princess is here because she is a highly energetic pup who pulls on leash, gets overly excited about meeting new people, jumps on everyone, has mouthing and redirecting tendencies and needs potty training. Over the course of the next two weeks, we will be working on basic obedience, leash manners, greeting manners and doorway manners. Stay tuned for her progress!


Pupdate 11/30/2022

Today Princess and I went to the park to get to know each other. I was able to see that Princess was quite the energetic pup with a lot of mouthing and redirecting tendencies. She took the rest of the day getting to acclimate to her new temporary home and environment. She is a confident pup and hasn’t shown any signs of nervous behavior despite being in a new, chaotic city environment. Tomorrow, we will begin working with her through the exercises! Stay tuned for more.


Pupdate 12/1/2022

Today Princess and I worked on "heel, sit, come to sit and place" and she did very well. She was very hesitant to go up onto the elevated bed for place but once she did get all four paws on the bed, it was much easier to get her back on. She is a very loving pup and just doesn't know how to show it in the best way. She uses her mouth to try to nip at my shoes or my calf but I will teach her she can be affectionate in other ways. She is jumping on me less already and I am happy about that! Her pawrent requested that she eat 40 pieces of her kibble which came out to 2 cups so we will be showing her meal as 2 cups on her meal chart. Stay tuned for more!


Pupdate 12/2/2022

Today Princess and I had most of our training indoors because of the rain. We practiced place on the elevated bed in the living room and doorway manners. Princess struggles immensely with sitting still and is showing signs of separation anxiety. Hopefully we can start adding some confidence building exercises to teach her to feel more comfortable in her own skin. After the rain stopped, we went to my friend's house for greeting manners and some garden exploring! Stay tuned for more.


Pupdate 12/3/2022

Today Princess and I worked more on our doorway manners after our afternoon session at a park in the neighborhood. I wanted to focus more on her doorway manners because she was struggling immensely to wait whilst the door was opened and it helps us practice the durations on her exercises more. She did much better than yesterday but she still tends to speed up when we walk in or out of the door together. With our continued practice of heel, her understanding of walking at loose leash should improve gradually. She did not jump on me at all today and I really see her holding back from mouthing me now! One challenge for Princess has been car load up manners as she dislikes car rides (as mentioned by her pawrent) so tomorrow, we will begin car loading up with a ramp! Stay tuned for more!


Pupdate 12/4/2022

Today Princess and I worked on car load up manners and I am SO proud of Princess. She has always struggled with going into the car AND crate so to get her up into a crate in the car has been a struggle. I started her slowly by using a pet ramp and then having her jump into the car without the crate and lastly, jumping into the crate into the car. She did really well and even started jumping off with no problem! Stay tuned for more! 


Pupdate 12/5/2022

Princess and I went to the park to meet with another Offleash SoCal trainer. She was a little nervous around the other dogs and trainers, but she did quite well towards the end of the session. We mostly worked on her Heel, Come To Sit and Down commands. With the other trainer, Princess heeled fairly well, although she tried to veer off a few times. Her come to sit is getting better and she is doing better with her durations and downs. Stay tuned for more! 


Pupdate 12/6/2022

Today Princess and I went to our favorite Home Depot! Princess was super popular with all the friendly employees there and did an amazing job demonstrating her greeting manners each and every time. She didn’t jump on anyone and sat very nicely as she was being pet and loved on. Her “downs” are coming along nicely and we are working on adding more duration to her exercise. She is gaining a lot of confidence in terms of jumping onto elevated places but still slightly struggling to jump down in the beginning. I will be working with her on a longer leash now to begin adding more duration and distance between her and I. Stay tuned for more!


Pupdate 12/7/2022

Today Princess and I went to the park today to practice our "heel, sit, down, place and come to sit". She is showing great improvement in all of her exercises but we still need to tuned it all up. She will sometimes try to forge ahead while we walk and will try to get up from her extended sit or down. Once she settles into her place, she is better about remaining there until released. There were a lot of squirrels at the park today and Princess struggled a tad bit to not chase them. I am happy to see that she is able to remain neutral despite her prey drive! Tomorrow we will go to our first outdoor mall together so stay tuned for that!


Pupdate 12/8/2022

Princess and I didn't make it out to the outdoor mall today but we made the most of our day together. We worked on the durations of our exercises and went on an awesome 3 mile walk after. Princess is doing much better with her durations but she still does attempt to mouth at my hand when I point at the ground for our "down" exercise so we will be working on that. As mentioned in one of our pupdates in the past, Princess is scared of stairs and you can see that in the video as she approaches the end of the deck. We will also be working with some stairs tomorrow morning in hopes that she is able to feel more comfortable with stairs and be more confident about going up and down elevated objects. Stay tuned for more!


Pupdate 12/9/2022

Today Princess and I went to the Westfield Century City mall to practice for our final videos. She was certainly a little overwhelmed with all the music and the crowd but still followed through with her exercises. She struggled quite a bit with her “downs” so we worked on that together at the mall. Tomorrow we will be going to another outdoor mall for our final videos. Stay tuned for more!


Pupdate 12/10/2022

Today Princess and I went to the Brea Mall to take our final video. It was fairly busy due to it being the weekend and the slight rain we were having. It was certainly more of a challenge for Princess at this mall to demonstrate her extended sits and downs because of how much the crowds loved her. We had several opportunities to practice greeting manners which she did relatively well but still could work on her insistent licking. After the mall, we came home and touched up on her doorway manners. We are looking forward to showing her pawrent all that she has learned. 



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