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Poe | Goldendoodle | Westlake Village, CA | In-Training

This is Poe, a 11 month old Goldendoodle from Westlake Village. Poe is a very loving boy but has major separation anxiety from his family. He loves runs, walks, and chasing balls. Poe sometimes jumps on people in excitement and gets distracted easily. Over the next two weeks, Poe will become the best version of himself so stay tuned for his pawsome transformation!


PUPDATE 3/7/2021


PUPDATE 3/8/2021

Poe on a place cot

Poe in a down command on a bench

Poe socializing with the other training dog


PUPDATE 3/9/2021

Enjoying a break in the shade

Practicing a different Place object


PUPDATE 3/10/2021


PUPDATE 3/11/2021


PUPDATE 3/12/2021


PUPDATE 3/13/2021


PUPDATE 3/14/2021


PUPDATE 3/15/2021


PUPDATE 3/16/2021


PUPDATE 3/17/2021


PUPADATE 3/18/2021


PUPDATE 3/19/2021


PUPDATE 3/20/2021


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