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Pippin | 2 years old | Terrier Mix | Los Angeles | In Training |

Pippin is our newest recruit in off leash k-9s board and train package. Pippin is a rescue, and his parents love how sweet he is, as well as how smart he is. He is very quick to learn, and loves to please. Pippin does have some trouble pulling on the leash, and he is very unsure of himself with distractions around. I am very excited to work with pippin and help change his forever bond with his parents. Stand by for pippins ROCKSTAR transformation.


Pupdate 9/1/2019


Pupdate 09/02/19


Pupdate 09/03/19

Pippin working on PLACE.


Pupdate 09/04/19

Door manners


Pupdate 09/05/2019

Pupdate 09/06/2019



Pupdate 09/07/19


Pupdate 09/08/19


Pupdate 09/09/19


Pupdate 09/10/2019


Pupdate 09/11/19


Pupdate 09/12/19


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