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Welcome Piper the five month old Great Dane from Long Beach, CA. Originally signed up for basic obedience lessons, Piper has dropped into a one week board and train. Piper is experiencing all the normal puppy issues, but given her size (and getting larger) the owners decided to let the experts of Offleash SoCal to do the work. Stay tuned to see how amazing Piper becomes.


Pupdate 02/19/2021


Pupdate 02/20/2021

I wanted to put a sign around her neck saying she isn't a Weimaraner! lol

Working to be further away from Piper while she is in the down command


Pupate 02/21/2021

Practicing "Place" just as we are getting going on the AM walk

Morning on leash walk; practicing "auto-sit"

Just getting started on the off leash heel. Piper is developing rapidly but still needs practice.

When you are working hard, putting in the effort, rewards should come your way!


Pupdate 02/22/2021

Piper "placing" on an old peach tree. She had to be help slightly, but she demonstrated amazing balance once she got on.

Some free time to roam in the yard.


Pupdate 02/23/2021

I don't believe that the Range Rover is as low as the Prius, but she is learning to leap onto objects so we are very close to never lifting again.

Hard to believe this is only day four.


Pupate 02/24/2021

These are some frames from the 20 minutes worth of video that was shot last night. I'm having issues uploading the video so these will have to suffice. Piper is easily distracted by all the goings on. There were dogs, adults, kids, you name it, and Piper goes from a great heel to literally hanging a left to investigate the noise/sight. She never goes too far (end of leash), and always comes back, but needs perpetual reminders of what to do. Walking in the neighborhood is light years ahead of this, but the distractions are considerably less. On another note, Piper just demonstrated that she can open doors, lol...more on that tomorrow.


Pupdate 02/25/2021

Door manners and training goals for Piper

This is the video from 02/24/2021. I left the sound up so you can hear what Piper is reacting to. Each time she shakes her head I had used the E-Collar asking her to focus on what I was asking from her (all levels were under 10). I think that Piper simply needs more time out in public (Spectrum level distractions) so she can become more used to them. She is great on sidewalks as they give a visual reference to where she should be walking, but with no visual boundaries, compounded with visual/audible distractions Piper appears overwhelmed and untrained (clearly not the case). I have to continuously remind myself that Piper is 5 months old; a virtual baby in training circles. Piper will improve with time and exposure to more of these distractions.

Piper did very well last night at the Lazy Dog Café. She had the chicken with rice and veggies and ate everything. Piper walked into the restaurant with little to no noticeable issues. She sat or laid down throughout dinner. She definitely was looking around but wouldn't venture to far away and was easily controllable throughout. The only issue occurred when we were leaving and I bent down to pick up the water dish to put on the table for the buss people. I turned my back to bend down and when I returned Piper had climbed onto a chair and was licking the ice cream from the bowl left on the table. Naughty Piper, lol.


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