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Pierre | Standard Poodle | Los Angeles, CA | In-Training

Meet Pierre! A Six month old Standard Poodle from Los Angeles, California. He is here because he jumps a lot and to learn basic obedience. He‘s very Sweet and very cute, enjoys company. He is here for our Two week board and Train. Stay tuned for his 14 day transformation.


Pupdate: 06/20/2021


Pupdate: 06/21/2021

Today Pierre and I went to Beverly Boulevard to practice some of our recall and transitioning into a heel. Pierre has been getting better and it’s great to see how he’s quickly he’s learning!

Today Pierre and I Worked on his Sit and place (Extended) , He’s doing so well & so eager to work! I’m very proud of his progress. He didn’t eat as much as I’d like him to, but that’s normal the first few days.


Pupdate: 06/22/2021

Hair blowing in the wind Early this morning!!

Working on distractions, getting better by the day!


Pupdate: 06/23/2021

Today Pierre got to visit Huntington Beach, where we worked on our heel with distractions! He’s progressing so much, So great to work with him.


Pupdate: 06/24/2021

Pierre did really well on his heel today!! Started to work on his place and down. He’s so great, love watching him progress throughout the days.


Pupdate: 06/25/2021

Having some fun at Lowe’s!!

Today Went to the park to work on his Come to sit!


Pupdate: 06/26/2021

Enjoyed another day at the mall getting his commands more sharp!


Pupdate: 06/27/2021

Pierre’s looking so good!! He did really well on not getting distracted.


Pupdate: 06/28/2021

Working on both his down on and off of place!

Pierre has gotten more comfortable that he’s starting to get more of an appetite!


Pupdate: 06/29/2021


Pupdate: 06/30/2021

Had such a long day!


Pupdate: 07/01/2021

Pierre did a really great job today working off lead. He was very focused and attentive. I am very proud of him and the progress he has made.


Pupdate: 07/02/2021

Pierre did phenomenal today!! Worked Offleash today with all his commands. He’s such a good boy, everybody loves him!


Pupdate: 07/03/2021

Being such a good boy! Pierre has learned so much, been amazing working with him. I’m so proud with how far he has come!


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